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How long should you exercise each day?

Generally, the first thing a dieter contemplates is purchasing expensive weight loss equipment to assist in pounding off those unhealthy pounds. What an excellent idea!

There are so many wonderful bars and rings and things that will help get the body in healthy form much quicker than a Lone Diet. The biggest drawback is boredom.

As a backup plan to the weight loss equipment, search for an activity that you will enjoy through 'thick and thin'.

Exercise Tips That are Easy

- Choose something you'll stick with over the long haul.  If you enjoy walking, consider taking up hiking. If you like nature, you'll love the Great Outdoors.  If you like a certain sports, go for the gold! If you don't like the Great Outdoors, consider indoor swimming, bowling or the skating rink.

- If you need companionship or support, check out your local fitness centers. You just might find a friend who has the same goals as you; a team can accomplish quite a lot together.  

The combination of weight loss and equipment fortifies your weight loss plan. Some weight loss tips related to fitness, activity and exercise while on a weight loss plan:

- Be careful not to go overboard with activity. You'll burn quite a few calories walking that mile briskly rather than taxing yourself amid a run.

For example, if a man weighs about 175 to 200 pounds and runs at seven miles per minute for about 10 minutes, he will have burned about 150 calories. For a women who runs at the same speed and time, and who weighs 140 to 200 pounds, she will have burned about 120 calories.

For these same individuals based on a brisk walk of 3.5 miles per hour, the male will burn about 80 calories while the female burns about 60 calories over a ten minute period.

While it may take less time to run that mile, if we compare running versus walking briskly - we'll see that for the same distance, the caloric burn is a pretty good mirror of one another.

- Buddy up!  A buddy makes exercise 'more fun. Keep the topic on non-stressful, happy chat.

- Hydrate so you won't dehydrate. Dehydration can occur any time of the year, not just during those warmer months - although the body becomes more quickly dehydrated amid those warmer temperatures.

- Smooth on the sun block before heading outdoors. Don't forget to cover tender ears and behind the knee-areas. Grab your sunshades and a hat while you're at it. And yes - the damaging rays of the sun are still in full force on those cooler or cold days.

- Be very cautious of your level of endurance while exercising on the beach, when you're near sandy areas or areas containing concrete. Sand and concrete draw the sun's heat more than any other two elements. Along this line, how many times have you seen a domesticated animal going out into the street and plopping down on a cool day? They are most likely absorbing the heat - but shame-shamey on their masters for not keeping them out of harm's way.

- Take along a small snack when embracing activity, just in case you overdo and require quick energy.

- If you're taking a midnight stroll, grab your flashlight and a buddy.

The Gazelle by Tony Little

If you are in need of a low-impact workout equipment, we highly recommend Tony Little's Gazelle. If you experience issues with your knees related to injury, a medical condition or being overweight, the Gazelle might be perfect for you as it allows the individual to move without placing stress on the knees. In addition, we can add that there is little stress placed on the feet area.

We've read several reviews by purchasers of the Gazelle; some were sterling while others didn't feel very strongly about the experience. We love it; during the spring and summer days in our region of the country - it's basically too hot to get out and exercise. The Gazelle allows us to get in some movement and we can control how fast or slow we want to move. It's actually a very fun workout tool and it's relatively inexpensive. It can be folded quite easily and stored in a closet or against the wall so it doesn't encumber walking or living areas where room is tight.

Our Gazelle is the lowest end model and is built quite sturdy. If you are tall or weigh more than 200 pounds, we recommend the next model up. Ours was just a tab under $100.

This is the first piece of workout equipment that Diet Bites has recommended; we feel that strongly about this product. Some of our findings:

- The Gazelle will get the body moving and can assist with circulation. If you currently have poor circulation, the Gazelle might be ideal due to low impact and the fact that it can be used throughout your day in spurts to keep you moving which is vital to circulatory health.

- We highly recommend this product for seniors who are looking for a low impact workout but who want to get more movement into their daily schedule.

- If you go fast on the Gazelle, you will burn calories. In fact, you'll burn calories at any speed. The most negative comments that we read from purchasers were related to 'no sweating' - with the buyers wanting a more rigorous routine. This can be accomplished however, when speed is picked up to a quick pace. There were also comments about the electronic tracking device not being all it should; we never use ours. The calorie and distance tracker on the Gazelle is much like the Food Pyramid. It simply provides an idea of what you have accomplished - a pattern.

We find it most effective to set a time, such as 20 to 30 minutes on the Gazelle. At the beginning, you can even workout for five minutes; note your stats - then simply multiply the number by additional 5-minute increments that you incorporate.

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