2600 Calorie Diet: How Many Servings of
Vegetables Do You Need Each Day?

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For the 2600 Calorie Diet, the Vegetable Group daily serving recommendation equals 3.5 cups.

Excellent Examples of a Serving of Vegetables

1 cup of mixed vegetable juice

1 cup of leafy greens such as leaf lettuce or turnip greens

1/2 cup of zucchini squash, boiled

Now it's time to start putting this healthy Food Group to work on making low calorie recipes that will fit into your weight loss plan.

Tips for Making Vegetables Part of the Breakfast Meal Plate

It's so easy to get in all five of the basic food groups of the Pyramid for our lunch and evening meals but it can be rather challenging when it comes to breakfast and snack times. We have some tips that can assist; we'll start with the morning meal of the day:

Yes, we know that pizza is generally on the 'do not have' list while one is dieting. However, when the thin crust is ordered along with healthy vegetables such as mushrooms - and no, pepperoni isn't a vegetable (unfortunately), then it can be a healthy addition to almost any diet plan.

Again - that thin crust is the key; it's a source of whole grain and the tomato paste counts towards the vegetable servings as well - although botanically speaking, it's a fruit. Nonetheless, a heated slice of leftover thin crust pizza makes a great way to kick start your day for about 220 calories.

While we can't add vegetables to our hot and cold cereal choices, we have ample opportunity to add it to our egg omelet. Sauté your favorites, then add to your double-egg white, one yolk omelet along with shredded reduced fat cheese it you like.

But wait - we have more! We can take our omelet and stuff it into a wrap so that we're getting a serving of the grain group in our meal.

Tips for Making Vegetables Part of Snack Time

Snack times can be just as challenging as breakfast for getting in veggies but it's actually a bit easier to accomplish. Here are our tips:

Enjoy a small plate covered with baby vegetables - such as carrots, button mushrooms and radish. Use a light fruit based dressing to dunk them into for a few additional calories.

There is something very attractive about a carrot that still has the top in place. And all that crunching has an added benefit in the area of enhanced dental health.

If you are experienced with older animals that have lived on soft food for most of their lives, their teeth are in a shambles. The same applies in humans; sure - we tend to take time out to brush our teeth but foods like crunchy carrots and other raw vegetables aid in removing harmful plaque from our teeth. And oh - they also provide a few essential vitamins and minerals, particularly when they are consumed in their raw states.

There are so many different mixes of vegetables juices on the market these days; many of which make use of sweet fruit that they combine with the veggies - and the blends are quite tasty. Or, if you just like things straight-up, reach for a glass of tomato juice or carrot juice. Both provide a blast of healthy something's or another's for your body.

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