Recommended Dairy Servings
Based on 3,000 Calories Per Day Diet

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The Dairy Group Recommended Daily Servings for the 3000 Calorie Diet

The body requires three servings per day which equals three cups of milk or 1/2 cup of cottage cheese or 1.5 ounces of cheese. Take note that when you trot to the market, make your selections from the dairy case in the form of low fat.

This plan allows for a bumper supply of all of the Food Groups but the negative to this amount of kcals is that it is generally far too extreme for most individuals seeking a healthy weight.

Weight lifters, construction workers and other individuals who engage in high impact activity throughout their day are more suited to these upper scaled caloric values.

Keep in mind that the standard pattern used for nutritional data is the 2000 kcal daily diet - and this plan exceeds those energy values by 1000 kcals.

To demonstrate the vast difference, for the individual whose daily energy requirements were at the standard level, if they consumed 3000 kcals, and if their current weight was 170 pounds, they would have to briskly walk for about two and one-half hours in order to not experience weight gain. And that's not a lolly-gagging pace - rather a brisk one.

How long does it take to consume 1000 kcals? In as little as a couple of minutes by eating any of the following: 1 large candy bar and a regular soda or 1 extra large fast food ice cream shake or one wedge of chocolate covered raspberry cheesecake. Just a tiny bit of food for a whole lot of calories and fat grams.

Best Servings for Different Food Groups

Grain Group Tips: Whole grain always makes the healthier choice. While we don't approve of carbohydrate restricted diet plans, like many fat loss methods, they contain something helpful.

Often white foods which are extreme in carbohydrate grams aren't the best choice; rye or oatmeal bread makes a better selection than plain white bread. Steamed brown rice is a wiser selection over white rice - and whole grain pasta over standard white.

Protein Group Tips: While leaner cuts of animal proteins are more costly than fatty cuts, they can payoff amid the cooking phase as you'll end up with more of the lean than the fatty cut. Making fish a part of your week as least three times is a smart dietary move.

Vegetable proteins excel when it comes to low fat content and they can be quite filling. Foods that reside in this area include all varieties of beans except the yellow wax and the green varieties, eggs, all varieties of nuts, edible seeds - as well as butters that prepared with nuts.

Vegetable Group Tips: It's very difficult to goof things up in this healthy garden. All selections are minimal in dietary fat as well as caloric values. But when they reach the meal plate, all too often they are drowned in fatty additives such as butter and cheese sauces. Or, they get fried somewhere along the way. Our suggestion: go natural!

Fruit Group Tips: Dried varieties contain more kcals that the fresh. In addition, you'll want to purchase fruits that are not packed in syrup bases. Another good reason to go natural.

Dairy Group Tips: Last but certainly not least, our best tip is to opt for the reduced fat versions of your favorite dairy foods.

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