Recommended Dairy Servings
Based on 2,600 Calories Per Day Diet

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Recommended Dairy Food Group Servings for the 2600 Calorie Diet

Seeking to satisfy your dietary needs in the Dairy Group? Then you'll want to consume the minimal of three servings each and every day.

Dairy Foods Supply Calcium Needs

Although other foods in the basic five food groups contain calcium benefits, most pale in comparison to the Dairy Group selections.

Calcium is the most prevalent mineral in the human body but it is continually being utilized; therefore the need for the lost values to be replaced.

Some of the best food sources for this vital mineral besides dairy products include:

 dried peas and beans such as navy, pinto, red, black, Northern, chick peas, English peas
 citrus fruits such as grapefruit, oranges, lemons and limes
 green leafy vegetables such as baby spinach
 all types of edible nuts and seeds
 eggs of any size, including ostrich, duck, quail and turkey
 fish that have edible bones such as canned salmon and sardines

Individuals who are at highest risk for calcium deficiency include children, adolescents, young adults, pregnant and lactating women.

Functions Involved for Optimum Health

Calcium is vital to the human body because it is necessary to create healthy bones and teeth - as well as to maintain them.  It is also necessary for generating activity of many enzymes required by the cells in the body. It can aid in blood clotting and it ensures that the impulses along the nerves remain in good working order.

One of calcium's most important functions is muscle contraction, particularly where the largest of the body is involved - the human heart.

Health issues related to a deficiency include:

 brittle, thinning bones that are at high risk for breaks or damage
 deterioration of teeth, eroding pockets, thinning of the teeth
 osteoporosis; women are at a higher risk than men for this at-times, debilitating condition

Supplements or Getting Nutrients from Natural Foods?

Unfortunately, calcium as well as many other mineral and vitamin supplements can't produce the same impact within the body as when they are obtained from natural food sources. If you are having difficulty fitting this vital mineral into your meal plans, the Dairy Group is the richest source for such and a healthy solution.

Here are tips to assist and take note that all sources are in the form of reduced fat:

 When preparing salads, add a few chunks of your favorite cheese - or use a bit of shredded.
 Skip the egg and bacon as well as the breakfast tart and instead enjoy a serving of whole grain cereal with milk.
 Try blending different types of frozen fruit with milk for a low calorie snack packed with calcium benefits.

In Summary

Isn't it fun climbing the different levels of the American Food Pyramid? There is always something healthy to find - a new food that we may have never tried such as star fruit or one that we may have liked but have forgotten about. While many refined products are delicious, we can't always feel good about eating them. But for every food housed within the Pyramid - we certainly can!

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