Recommended Dairy Servings
Based on 2,400 Calories Per Day Diet

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Recommended Dairy Food Group Servings for the 2400 Calorie Diet

Want strong bones and extra white teeth that look more like pearls from a sea oyster than a rusty grill from a 1952 Pontiac? Then be sure to grab your necessary three servings per day.

The amount of kcals contained within this plan is quite generous and offer a potential bounty for the dieting individual. It's 400 kcals over the standard 2000 diet which suits the majority of healthy individuals.

While the 2400 kcal level is a bit over the standard, it can be quite useful for those individuals who have an active work day to get through, where energy needs are vital yet where values require trimming just a tab in order to generate the loss of body fat.

Caveats for the Liquid Diet, Unsafe Weight Loss

Be sure to pull your food selections from the healthy American Food Pyramid, the cornerstone for health, including the management of weight. There are so many plans circulating in the community these days, most of which are considered as fads by professionals in the health field. Therefore, the Pyramid is always best for setting your energy intake guidelines as well as in identifying the amounts needed throughout your day.

One very common mode for losing pounds that is considered of the fad variety is the liquid diet. Some recommended large quantities of water which can be lethal when electrolyte imbalance occurs. Some contain commercially produced shakes that are intended to slim. Others contain a liquid potion intended for quelling appetite and hunger.

Most of the time, those extra pounds that reside on the body will increase health and illness risks as well as make the individual feel less energetic that they normally would if at their recommended size. However, while attempting to lose pounds is a commendable quest, there are many methods that can actually do more harm to the body than those extra fat layers. The liquid diet falls into this dangerous category and should not be attempted without the approval of a professional health care giver.

Tips for Trimming Calories & Fat Grams

When it comes time to eat, rather than thinking about how much you can eat of a particular food on the menu, instead focus on putting one serving of the food onto your plate or into your bowl and enjoying that food. Don't gulp it down; take small leisurely bites; savor the flavor and don't return for second helpings unless your reaching for steamed green beans with no additives.

Rather than using jumbo plates, glasses and cups, use smaller ones. This will assist in fooling the brain into thinking that you're eating more; your brain registers what your eyes reveal.

Don't eat while running around the kitchen or while running data at your desk. This can lead to grazing, a bad habit that will encourage weight gain. Instead, sit at a table in a chair.

When you feel full, quit eating. You're only going to feel fuller during the next few minutes as the brain registers that the stomach has been filled. This process generally requires about twenty minutes to complete. If you're worried about wasting food, an overage will lead to that unused energy being stored in the fat cells which in turn can lead to health issues - and they aren't cheap. In the old days, farmers could pay the doctor with a basket of fresh eggs; these days - the doctors require the deed to the farm, no chickens necessary.

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