Recommended Dairy Servings
Based on 2,200 Calories Per Day Diet

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Recommended Servings for the 2200 Calorie Diet

The amount of caloric values in this plan allows ample room for those necessary three servings (or cups) of dairy per day.

And so many healthy selections - particularly when they arrive to the meal plate in reduced fat form. They are stunning! From yellow to white cheese - or even cheese that is studded with sexy jalapeno and red pimento TO white or chocolate milk, we have a large buffet of foods to choose from.

And another fabulous thing about diary foods is that almost always they work well with other foods, so the nutritional values can be increased - at times significantly.

Even adding them to foods that are considered as poorer nutritional choices can add some benefits. For example, adding milk to a cake or pudding recipe.

Ramping Up Flavors of Dairy Foods

Let's take a look at how we can add more flavor to the most common dairy food selections - and yes, by doing such in all of our stunning examples (smiling here), we will be increasing the essential vitamin and mineral benefits.

Plain Yogurt to Divine Yogurt:

Pour one container of plain low fat yogurt into a small mixing bowl. Stir in 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Fold in 1 cup of fresh sweet peaches that are chopped into bite-sized bits. Transfer to serving dishes and top with light whipped cream if desired.

If you add a box of sugar free vanilla pudding to this mixture, you can make a delicious summer pie. Simply fold together and transfer to a baked pie shell - either graham cracker or flour based. If the shell has been baked, you'll need to allow it time to cool before filling with the mixture.

In addition, any fruit can be substituted for the peaches - and different extracts can be used to accommodate the flavors of the chosen fruits.

Turn a cup of skim milk into a nectar that tastes just like it was ordered from Heaven. Add a bit of your favorite flavoring extract, 1/2 cup of your favorite chopped or sliced frozen fruit - and blend. This makes an excellent bedtime snack or it goes very well with many meal plates.

Deck the boughs with low cal eggnog amid the holiday season. Add imitation rum and vanilla extracts to 2 cups of skim milk; add 1/2 cup of reduced fat Half & Half. Stir in just a pinch of freshly ground nutmeg - and don't overdo as too much can cause serious risk to health, from nausea to death. Pour into serving glasses and add a scoop of half-thawed, fat free whipped topping to each.

Need a quick, healthy snack? One that is easily transportable? Then how about an arrangement of low fat cheese and whole grain crackers? Add slices of fresh fruit and raw vegetables and you'll have a mini-meal.

Cottage cheese can be enjoyed as a stand alone food or it can be used as a very versatile stuffing. Try adding chopped nuts and dried fruits to one small container - then transfer to natural serving containers such as a hulled-out pineapple half, a cored bell pepper of any color or into celery sticks.

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