Recommended Dairy Servings
Based on 1,600 Calories Per Day Diet

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Solid & Liquid Measurements May Create Confusion

The recommended servings for dairy based on a 1600 calorie diet is 3 cups. This may equal three cups of reduced fat milk - or if the food is in solid form, a one and one-half ounce serving of low fat cheese would equal a serving.

On the official American Food Pyramid, the recommendation is two to three servings which for us, is an easier guideline to understand. Confusion tends to settle in when we're dealing with both liquids and solids, so simply put - we prefer the 2-3 serving guideline over the per cup one.

Nifty Dairy Tips

The Dairy Group contains the most complete food on the planet; milk holds the majority of essential nutrients and vitamins necessary for good health. It is lacking in a only a few nutritional areas, such as in Vitamin C content as well as iron.

Milk is one food that voluminizes wonderfully well. If you have a blender, then it's time to dig it out. Other kitchen tools which work well to volumnize include one called a frother. It has a rod that resembles a plunger and after the container is filled with the liquid, then it is plunged continuously by hand until the liquid starts to thicken and grow.

If you like convenience store gourmet coffees which have the layer of foam resting on the top, then you may also enjoy volumnized milk. You can also add fresh fruit to your recipe as well as extracts that will make the flavors pop.

The most economical method for purchasing yogurt is by opting for the larger containers. Those single sized ones may offer convenience - but it comes at a high cost at times.

If you enjoy yogurt and are watching your waistline, then you'll need to refer to the nutrition labels on the container. Some hold more caloric and fat values than a chocolate cupcake. Opting for lower fat offerings will be more applicable and inline with your plan to lose fat.

If you purchase the plain varieties, you can add your favorite chopped fruits at home for just a few more calories. This is a great way to ensure that you're in charge of freshness and sweetness when it comes to the fruit selections. If you have ever purchased yogurt that was mined with bland tasting, mushy or sour unripened fruit, this tip is a game changer for sure and makes a great economical solution.

While yogurt makes an excellent stand alone treat, it can also be used as a low calorie dip for assorted fruits as well as vegetables.

In Summary

Keep your diet plan fresh by using natural foods and combining them with other natural sources. In this state, they are readily recognized by the human body and tend to go through the digestive processing phase so much easier than highly refined foods.

Most of the dairy selections are prime candidates for food combining and work particularly well with the Fruit Group.

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