Recommended Dairy Servings
Based on 1,400 Calories Per Day Diet

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The daily recommendation for dairy servings for the 1400 calorie diet plan is two cups per day. Different forms of products will be measured in different ways. For example, while milk, cottage cheese and yogurt can be measured by the cup, foods like solid cheese cannot. Therefore, the serving size will vary based on nutrition label recommendations. For cheese 1.5 ounces is considered the appropriate measurement.

Our Fruit & Cereal Diet Plan

This is an original plan that we created which focused on whole grains and fruits as the main stars, but all of the minimal Food Group recommendations are still included. This is a three day eating plan and as with any restricted plan, you'll need your doctor's approval before starting.

In order to assure adequate vitamin and mineral content we will need to get the following minimum serving recommendations into the plan from the Pyramid's five Food Groups: 6 grain, 2 fruit, 3 vegetable, 2 protein (meat, eggs, nuts, beans, seeds), 2 dairy.

We will get a good amount of these recommendations satisfied with our morning and evening meals where grain and dairy are concerned. The snack times will satisfy fruit needs and we'll be adding more fruit to the three meal plates. Eating more fruit and vegetables per day in conjunction with foods that are low in saturated fat may assist in reducing unhealthy systolic blood pressure readings, even when the foods are high in sodium content. Salt has been tied to increasing blood pressure in numerous studies, so it's a great idea to eat more foods from the fruit and vegetable group to keep those numbers in a healthy range, particularly when sodium-rich foods are part of a meal.

For our noon meal we will focus on the remaining Food Groups to satisfy all of the remaining servings.

Be sure to weigh on your bathroom scales before starting any reduced kcal eating plan; you should do such first thing in the morning after evacuation and before dressing - then again on the morning after the plan ends to get the most accurate reading of results. The amount of pounds lost will depend upon how much you have in total to lose; simply put - for those who have a lot to lose, they will do such at a much swifter rate than the individuals who have only a small amount to work with.

Post Shredded Wheat, Original Big Biscuits: We are recommending using this cereal for the morning and evening meals. It contains zero sodium, no sugar or saturated fat - and six impressive grams of fiber per two biscuits. In addition, this cereal is a natural source of dietary fiber. Total fat grams per serving (2 biscuits) is only 1 gram. This is a 100% natural whole grain wheat product. On the box data panel it is stated that nutritionists recommend 48 grams of whole grains in a day; the Post Shredded Wheat provides 47 of these per serving - which translates to 97%. This is a very impressive cereal and one of the best - if not THE best on the market. Their tag line refers to the product as the 'Biscuit of Benefits' and we could not agree more.

Health benefits related to an eating plan low in fats, sodium and cholesterol while significant in dietary fiber include a healthier heart, a reduced risk for cancer, diabetes and stroke, and stellar digestive health. If you are currently suffering from a particular disease or medical condition, adding whole grain to your diet can improve your condition more often than not.

Beverages, Drinks: While the body receives a fair amount of liquid from the foods that it consumes, all too often it lacks sufficient water. Both water and fiber are essential to digestive help and work together in ridding toxins and waste from the system. Therefore, be sure to drink ample amounts each day. Sometimes you'll require more hydrating due to the weather conditions and activity levels. The USDA recommends eight servings per day; although they use a 'glass' for their data, we take this to mean 'eight ounces or one cup' because a glass comes in various sizes. Be careful not to over-hydrate with water because an imbalance of the electrolytes can occur posing serious and at times, life threatening risks to the body.

Snacks: Three times per day enjoy one cup or one piece of fresh, frozen or canned fruit - but make certain that it has been canned in natural fruit juices with no added sugar.

Breakfast & Evening Menus: Two Post Shredded Wheat Biscuits, 1 cup of skim or reduced fat milk, 1 cup or 1 piece of fruit.

For the three noon meal plates, we need to get in two more servings of grain, three vegetable servings and two proteins in order to complete all of the recommended servings as outlined in the American Food Pyramid.

Lunch, Day 1: A hearty chef salad is on the menu. It contains the following recipe ingredients: 2 cups of shredded lettuce, 1/2 roasted chicken breast without the bone and skin that has been cut into bite-sized cubes, 1 sliced boiled egg, and a two cup mix of the following vegetables: sliced cucumber, whole button mushrooms, baby carrots. Add a few cherry tomatoes. Dress the salad with low caloric dressing such as balsamic vinegar. Add 2 slices of whole grain bread or a serving of croutons to the salad along with 1 slice of bread. OR - you can fill one whole kangaroo pocket bread with the salad mixture instead.

Lunch, Day 2: Beans and cornbread are on the menu. We used canned black beans and they worked out nicely. Enjoy 1 cup of the variety of chosen beans. Add one flour or corn whole grain tortilla. Also include one serving of lean, low sodium deli ham to the plate and a side salad containing three cups of your favorite fresh, raw vegetables. Dress the salad with a reduced calorie dressing.

Lunch, Day 3: Pasta and a healthy tomato-based sauce is on the menu today. Enjoy 1 cup of your favorite whole grain pasta with 1 cup of your favorite Italian tomato-based sauce. Add 1 cup of the following vegetable mix to the sauce that you will sauté in a pan using cooking spray so that it doesn't stick: onions, mushrooms, bell peppers. Also add two cups of your favorite raw vegetables as you did for yesterday, along with a light dressing. Add one slice of Italian or rye bread to your meal that has been spread with a tab of reduced fat margarine and crisped under the broiler. Top with 2 slices of your favorite deli meat and one slice of low fat cheese such as mozzarella which melts easily - then return to the broiler until the cheese melts and the meat is heated through.

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