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How Many Protein Grams in Pumpkin Pie?

Actually, quite a few. One slice contains close to 5 grams. Surprisingly, the Lemon Chiffon Pie contains about a gram more while pecan pie is also quite impressive in protein values.

The great thing about pumpkin as well as other fruit-based pies is that they are rich sources for dietary fiber. And when paired with protein - they are an unbeatable force for quelling hunger.

Another positive for pumpkin pie is that it's very low in calories.

They range from about 200 per slice from a pie which contains 8 servings - up to a little over 300 calories for deluxe versions.

And of course, the brand, the recipe - the filling and the crust, as well as the size of the pie all influence the energy values.

Protein in Desserts



Vanilla Ice Cream, 1/2 cup


Apple Pie


Banana Cream Pie


Chocolate Cream Pie


Lemon Chiffon Pie


Pecan Pie


Pumpkin Pie


Hard Candy, Jelly Beans, Gun Drops, Chocolate Fudge, 1 oz


MAYO, 1 Serving


Nut Butters, Peanut Butter per Serving


Chocolate Fudge, 1 oz


Brown Sugar, Granulated Sugar, Honey, Syrup, 1 Tablespoon


Apple Butter, Marmalade, Jams, Jellies, Preserves


Oils, Soft Margarine


Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe

We're going to create another layered salad that's healthy and low in calories only this time, instead of using vegetables we're going to work with fruits. Start by adding a thick layer of sliced banana to the bottom of your serving bowl. Again, a clear serving dish will showcase the beauty of the fruit.

Next, add a layer of sliced strawberries. Next, add a layer of sliced kiwi, then a layer of pineapple tidbits. Allow the juice of the pineapple to flow over the existing layered fruit. Sprinkle on a bit of light or dark brown sugar. Cover the top of the pineapple tidbits with a thick layer of light whipped topping.

This fruit salad recipe is very amendable and nothing is set in stone. You can go on to add purple or green grapes, peaches, and even citrus based fruits such as oranges. Apples with the skins also look lovely in the mix.

Tiny Fruit Pies, low calorie recipes

Purchase or prepare pie dough. Place the dough into the bottom slot of the sandwich maker. Add a good spoon of your favorite fruit pie filling. Top with more dough and cook as you would sandwiches.

Diet Cooking Tip: Pears make a great substitute for apples in mock apple pie.

Foods & Drinks Rich in Proteins

Food - Based on 1 cup unless stated.


Cookies, vanilla sandwich with crème filling - 1


fudge, vanilla with nuts - 1 piece


caramels, one


Cookies, chocolate chip, commercially prepared, regular, lower fat - 1


Cookies, sugar, refrigerated dough, baked - one


NABISCO SNACKWELL'S Fat Free Devil's Food Cookie Cakes - one


Doughnuts, yeast-leavened, glazed, enriched - 1 hole


Sherbet, orange - 1/2 cup


Cookies, brownies, dry mix, special dietary, prepared - one brownie


Cake, chocolate, prepared from recipe without frosting - one slice


Bread Tips

Toss that hamburger bun out and opt for monster mushrooms such as tasty portabellas.  Brush with olive oil, then toast on stove-top or on grill.  Careful and don't burn your buns.

Fashion Tips

Slimming Swimsuit Tip: Sarongs are elegant and wispy, and make wonderful cover-ups for your swimsuit.

Slimming Fashion Tip: Chunky shoes will add pounds to your legs.

You weigh just a little less when the moon is directly overhead. How much less? The difference is so tiny that it may not be visible on the weight scales.

Measuring for Weight Loss

Replace Tablespoons for Teaspoons.

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