Protein Grams in Beer

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Surprisingly, there is a minimal amount of protein grams found in beer. Budweiser (regular) contains 1.29 protein grams per 12 ounces. Michelob Ultra contains .60 and Bud Light .89 for 12 ounces.

Let's look at the nutrition facts for Light Beer.

As we can spot almost immediately, while there are minimal amounts of sodium, and calcium - there are significant amounts of carbohydrates, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium in beer. It contains zero cholesterol, dietary fiber and fats.

It came be a very healthy drink when enjoyed in moderation. However, there are too few individuals who have the willpower to stop at just one, therein the issue of addiction.

The addiction starts out with beer; then more is needed to get the anticipated 'buzz' so more is consumed. When the buzz becomes impossible to achieve with beer, the individual almost always moves on to stronger spirits.

Protein Grams in Alcoholic Beverages & Spirits

There are zero protein grams in the following spirits; gin, whiskey, rum, vodka.

In addition although they have been used for medicinal purposes throughout history, based on their nutritional data, they have little to offer in this area except for numbing pain and dulling the senses.

While there is an immediate feeling of warmth flowing through the body when they are initially consumed, after that wears off the alcohol can present an opposite effect.

In some instances, alcohol in moderate amounts and frequency of usage can assist in calming a nagging cough.

Protein Grams in Generic Light Beer

Based on one 12 ounce serving size.

Calories, kcals = 103
Protein g = 0.85
Carb g = 5.81
Potassium = 74 mg's
Magnesium = 18 mg's
Phosphorus = 42 mg's
Sodium = 14 mg's
Sugars = 0.32 g
Calcium = 14 mg's

There are only trace amounts of iron and zinc. There are zero fats, zero cholesterol.

Protein in Name Brands of Beer

Based on one 12 ounce serving size.

Budweiser, Regular = 1.29 g

Michelob, Ultra = .60 g

Bud Light = .89 g

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