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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Disdain for Exercise

When I was in high school, there was nothing that I disliked more than gym classes.

The time spent therein was total purgatory - all that panting, sweating, huffing, puffing, red faces and grunting.

By all the noises made in the gym by that group of girls, you'd think that an x-rated movie was being made. But no - just crummy, miserable exercises being performed in front of a cranky gym teacher who suffered from permanent PMS.

One of the exercises that we were ordered to perform was leg lifts. We'd do 25 of those puppies - on each leg.

Then we'd lay on our backs and lift both legs up at once as the splinters from the unvarnished wood floor pierced our backs. What fun.

My experience as a young girl carried forth into my adulthood and still, I am not much on heated exercise.

I love walks; I love hiking; and I love climbing rocks that look more dangerous than they are; but that high school teacher of mine (thank you, Ms. B) pops to my mind even after all these decades whenever grueling, thrusting exercise flashes before me.

But I must say that for whatever it's worth, some areas of the body do require a bit of toning up with good old-fashioned exercise - because the things that I love to do, don't firm up all areas of the body.

Easy Exercise for Toning Thigh Area

For the thigh area, leg lifts are one of the better old-fashioned exercises for toning.  Simply find a comfortable spot on the floor and lay down on one side.  Lift up the leg, then slowly ease it back down.  Start out with five, then build up as far as you want to go.  You'll soon have the legs of a Viking.

Easy Exercise for Toning Buttocks, Calves & Thighs

It's difficult to beat the positive effects of walking and climbing stairs for firming-up the backside. If walking outdoors simply isn't an option, we highly recommend the Gazelle; it's a floating 'strider' apparatus than it relatively inexpensive. If you have issues with the joints in the knees and ankles - or if your feet feel the heat after walking, then this exerciser might be ideal.

We live in the deep south and it's next to impossible to exercise outdoors from the months of May through the end of September. This workout-walker is used each and every day during these months.

While it takes a bit to work up a sweat, it's fun to use and once you get used to the movement,  you can create other exercises to perform. It's excellent for firming the calves as well as the buttock areas of the body.

The swinging bars allow you to control how fast you want to walk; because you're elevated off the ground you will have a free-floating feeling that's actually quite nice.

In Summary

No matter what age one might be, exercise and fun activities can add strength, longevity and quality of life. It need not be approached in the manner that Ms. B did amid my high school days. That old bitty probably turned scores of young girls off of exercise for the rest of their lives she was so brutal.

Exercise and activity should be a pleasant experience, a rewarding experience. If it's too difficult to perform, then choose something else. No need to over-tax the body. There are plenty of other scoundrels in life to do that task for us.

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