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Weight Loss Story for Motivation to Lose Pounds

Written by Diet Bites

Dieting Can Make One Fat

Once upon a time there was a dieter named Elizabeth. She had tried so many methods for chiseling off those unhealthy 65 pounds to no avail.

In fact, it seemed that the main reason why she was overweight was due to dieting-itself.

Every time she took off on a new journey to weight loss, it ended in failure - and in the process she would gain back lost pounds and then some.

Fad Diet or Doctor's Advice for Losing Excess Pounds

Rather than going on yet another popular fad diet plan she decided that a trip to her doctor's office was in order. And when she called, she was transferred to a nice nurse who suggested that Elizabeth meet with the nutritionist while she was at her visit.

One week later, she found herself planted in her doctor's patient examination room yet she wasn't hesitant to meet with him on this particular day. She was excited about starting her new journey to weight loss - and curious to hear their sage advice.

Health Check, Determining About of Weight to Lose

All of her basic tests turned out quite well; blood pressure was normal, her heart had a healthy beat and her heart rate was excellent. The doctor informed her that by losing weight, she would be even healthier and he congratulated her for making her appointment and for wanting to lose the unhealthy pounds safely.

He also informed Elizabeth that she was only 50 pounds overweight - that she had what was considered a large body frame size. In addition, she was doubly blessed in the bust and buttock areas of her body - thus allowing an additional few pounds to her recommended weight.weight loss results

The doctor told her that if she wasn't satisfied with her goal weight, they could work together in adjusting it to suit her health needs.

Planning Healthier Meal Plates

Next, the nice nurse took her to see the nutritionist who was also quite nice to Elizabeth.

The nutritionist took time to show her the amount of servings from each food group that was necessary for optimum nutritional needs. She explained that Elizabeth should strive to make at least one half of her grain group choices, whole grain selections.

In addition, she explained that when she was choosing vegetables that she should seek colors on her plate. Her body desired leafy greens, bright oranges, reds and yellows for optimum nutrition.

When it came to the fruit group, she explained the importance of Vitamin C in the daily diet and how it could work to keep Elizabeth healthy while losing weight by boosting her current immunity level. She told her how important the Citrus Group was - and the amounts that she needed to input into her daily diet.

Exercise for Weight Loss

They also discussed that dreaded word: exercise. To her surprise, the nutritionist suggested starting with a daily walk of about fifteen to twenty minutes. Over time, Elizabeth would work up to thirty minutes - and she could divide the walk into two fifteen minute sessions when her schedule was hectic.

The nutritionist also recommended that Elizabeth opt for reduced fat dairy foods and that she limit her intake of oil. She suggested that her cooking oil be in the form of extra virgin olive oil. And she also recommended that salad dressings that were of the regular variety be switched-out for lower fat options.

Elizabeth took a look at the sample menu that her nutritionist handed to her and was pleasantly surprised. Grilled chicken, pan-seared salmon, lots of fruits, vegetables and dairy selections to choose from in addition to dessert suggestions.

She remained faithful to all of her nutritionist's and doctor's sage advice and twelve weeks later, she had reached her recommended weight.

In Summary

Losing weight is tough stuff when we go about it unwisely - but when we embrace the healthy way of life, it becomes greatly simplified. The issue is - having the willpower and the belief in one's self to keep faithful to their plan until all of the excess weight is off.

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