How Unhealthy is it to be Overweight?

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Obesity, Second Leading Cause of Death in America

Yet again, new numbers have been released by the government regarding the number two killer.  

Obesity once filled that spot, and now has been shot pretty far down the chart.  

And now we are hearing that it's good to have a little padding, and if you have a little padding, you just may live a little longer.

With all the conflicting data - just how unhealthy is it to be overweight?

Obesity effects individuals in different ways, but the following examples are some of the medical conditions related directly to obesity. First, we will address the reason why health is placed at risk due to weight gain.

Why do pounds on the human body which exceed recommend or normal weight impact it so greatly?

Imagine a home that is constructed from wood and nails. The frame of the home would adequately represent the bone-frame of the human body. It's nice an sturdy; we even have muscles and joints which allow us to move our frame, unlike the frame of a house.

And the roof of the house is held in place quite securely because the frame was built to support its weight.

Then one day, a terrible blizzard blows into the area and several feet of snow accumulate on top of the roof. It starts to sag as the frame struggles to hold the roof in place. Nails become bent amid the process.

Then suddenly, a tree that resides beside the house is blown onto the roof. The result? A massive collapse.

The same applies to the human body. It simply was not created out of steel and is capable of supporting a minimal amount of weight.

With this said, many of the health issues as well as pain that is associated with weight gain is related to the body's skeletal system. And once the joints and bones are damaged, they will never be the same.

Let's look at a few examples of how weight gain impacts the body:

Additional weight puts stress on the back, thus causing back pain and may even trigger a misalignment of the spinal column as well as contribute to ruptured discs.

Unnecessary pounds also place stress upon the knees as the legs must hold up the extra weight. Individuals who have gained a significant amount of weight may no longer be able to stand up for even small periods of time.

In addition, it may be next to impossible to bend over in order to pick something up - or especially to go into a kneeling or crouching position.

At a certain state, it may be difficult for them to tend to daily cleanliness whether on the toilet or in the shower or bathtub.

While shopping at the market, they may have need of an electronic cart to carry them through the store as they shop as they refuel their eating addiction.

Heart Stress, Digestive Issues, Self Esteem Impacted by Weight Gain

Additional weight puts stress on the heart as it must pump harder.

Obesity is also associated with heartburn, respiratory issues and stroke. Not a good list to have to worry about.

Overweight and obesity also hurt self-esteem in some individuals. Therefore, if you are currently struggling with your weight, it's time to do something about it before it takes its toll on your health. Those extra pounds are not your friend.

In Summary

If necessary, seek professional help and guidance. Join a club where you can exercise with others who are seeking a higher level of fitness. There have been individuals of all shapes and sizes - from those who have been morbidly obese to those who need to drop only a small amount of weight - to move forward and beat their eating addiction. You just need to take that first step towards a healthier life as no one else can do such for you. I personally relate to your pain; I was one of the morbidly obese who beat the odds.

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