Shake, Rattle & Roll Your Diet Plan

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Losing weight requires a great deal of attention to the 'motivational aspect' of the diet plan.  

Without motivation to lose pounds, it's hard to get excited about dieting.

And diet motivation is about more than just being excited about weight loss. It involves a bit of mind games so that the dieter places a positive spin on the weight loss goals rather than a negative one.

Time to Shake, Rattle & Roll Your Diet Plan!

Example: Dieter Jill got caught up in her co-workers decision to grab pizza for lunch.

She stayed true to her daily caloric goal and ordered a healthy salad while her co-workers gobbled down a Godzilla-sized pepperoni pizza containing five pounds of cheese and two olives.

It wasn't easy for Jill to watch play out because she adored pizza and it was among her favorite foods to eat. And just because she was dieting didn't equal no pizza. It just wasn't on her menu today - and she was concerned that if she enjoyed one slice then it would lead to two, then to three and so forth.

It just made more sense to order the healthy salad, which was quite tasty in its own right.

But rather than focus on, "I'm suffering here because my friends are eating like there is no tomorrow and here I sit with bunny food," Dieter Jill instead thinks:

"Who cares that my friends are gobbling down the pizza?  I only care about my goals when it comes to my weight and right now, I am determined to lose these love handles, bat wings, quaking thighs, double chin and the pack of hotdog buns attached to the back of my neck.

Besides, this salad is quite tasty.  

And it really doesn't matter what a person eats, as long as they are full and satisfied - and as long as the meal plate or bowl is a healthy one.  

And after this meal, at least I won't feel so stuffed and sleepy that it will be hard to get through the rest of the work day.  

Diet Bites graphic.And with all that sodium contained in the jumbo pizza, I won't miss swelling up like a beached cow, either."

Good Jill, good diet, good diet motivation!  What a woman!

After she and her co-workers returned to work she managed to get all of her job-related responsibilities accomplished by mid-afternoon while her co-workers were dragging and downing cups of caffeine-mined coffee in order to snap to life.

Jill's boss was so delighted with her work that he gave her the rest of the afternoon off which she used to take a peaceful leisurely walk in the park with her dog Toto.

For dinner she enjoyed three ounces of grilled salmon sprayed with fresh lemon and dusted with cracked black pepper. She also enjoyed a one-half cup serving of steamed rice and a side of beautiful orange carrots glazed with a spoon of dark brown sugar and a pinch of ground cinnamon.

The following morning she awoke and said hello to her bathroom scales and was rewarded with a three pound drop in weight. To see such motivated her further still.

By the end of summer, she had lost all of the unwanted fat and was looking great and feeling her best. All because she didn't deter from her plan. And that's the purpose of devising plans - to have order and a route to follow until we get to the spot we are traveling to, just like Jill.

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