The Right Diet, The Right Snacks

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Getting to Your 'Right' Weight

That perfect number that we seek on our weight scales is as close as The Right Diet that contains The Right Snacks.

The Right Diet contains foods that the dieter enjoys, as well as the allowance for a favorite treat now and then. In addition, it allows for the dieter's current lifestyle and should be easily amendable as well as doable.

Setting a goal of losing fifteen pounds per week isn't logical - or safe. But to every rule there is an exception. For example in this situation, if the individual is morbidly obese and has several hundred pounds to lose, then yes - it is highly probable that they can lose fifteen pounds in seven days.

However, more often than not, this situation isn't applicable. And by setting outrageous health and fitness goals, we're only hurting our own self in the end - sabotaging our plan from the get-go.  

A diet that might be right for one person, might not be right for another.  

A plan for losing fat for older teens is much different than one for seniors.

The body makeup, composite and performance is different; caloric needs and nutrient needs are different.  

Healthy Snack Suggestions

Like it or not, snacks play a huge role in the numbers we see on our bathroom scales. If many individuals would cut them from their daily energy intake, they would see a return to their recommended weight.

It may be interesting to know that for every ten pounds of weight, individuals are separated by just a few calories. For example, a 110 pound woman consumed about 100 calories less per day than the 120 pound woman.

That's equal to a large banana. One that might be enjoyed for a snack.

While a banana is a very healthy choice, the full-blown salad dressing that was enjoyed on the lunch meal plate could have been switched for a lighter variety, thus allowing ample room for the banana for either dessert or for snack time.fresh raw fruits and vegetables

Achieving our recommended weight is simply a balancing act in our caloric intake and expenditure. All excess energy gets stuffed into the fat cells, even values from healthy foods such as the banana.

Therefore, when it comes to snacks, work to fit them easily into your daily energy totals. See which foods that you can cut at meal times to allow for such. Remember: Balanced Diet, Balanced Energy, Balance Intake of Caloric Values with Exercise.

Although defining the right weight loss plan is a personal issue that must be determined on an individual level, the following foods make a healthy choice for almost anyone at any age.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

1. Fresh fruits: packed full of vitamins and minerals - and generally are accompanied by a splash of dietary fiber which can keep the digestive system performing smoothly; this is very significant while attempting to drop unwanted pounds.

2. Fresh vegetables: This healthy snack selection echoes that of fresh fruits. Enjoy with the following suggestion.

Reducing the Fat & Sugar in Your Daily Diet

3. Reduced fat yogurt: Perfect for dipping vegetables and fruits into without the guilt. The calcium benefits will support bone health, and that includes the choppers.

4. 1 teaspoon of peanut butter distributed on 5 sodium-reduced crackers: While too fatty when consumed in large amounts, all nut butters can be enjoyed in moderation in almost-any healthy weight loss plan. Exceptions include those who are allergic to nuts.

5. Sugar free gelatin: While it makes a terrific low calorie option when gelled, when it is in its liquid form, it's also quite tasty.

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