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Turn Diet Failure Into Diet Success

The 'Pounds Off' section of Diet Bites is dedicated to those dieters who have desperately tried to lose weight, but something went wrong - and the weight loss just didn't happen.

We're about to change that nasty little aspect of dieting and turn Diet Failure into Diet Rapture!  We're here to help you figure out what went wrong and how to correct it so that your current diet, or your next diet, will render the results you desire.

To begin, take a moment to think about your most recent weight loss plan (if you are currently dieting, think about the plan you were on before this diet). Step by step, let's figure out what went wrong.

Try your best to recall "that moment" when you went off of the diet plan.  Generally, most people don't take weeks to gravitate off their weight loss plan.  They may begin to slide a few days prior to quitting, but often, dieters quit dieting very suddenly. Wham, bam, thank you spam. So if you're like the average dieter whose diet plan fails, odds are, you quit your last diet plan very suddenly. Let's continue, shall we?

Diet Why? Diet What? Diet Where?

So why did you quit your last diet plan? Was it due to a sudden binge? Were you bored with your diet plan? Were you hungry and hunger overcame your diet plan?

Do you remember the first meal or food that you ate after getting off of your diet plan?  And where were you at when you suddenly slipped off of your diet plan?

Diet Failure Due to Binge

If your diet failed because of a binge, which food did you binge on?  Generally, the binge urge feeds upon the foods that we like best. Rarely does one binge on green beans or steamed asparagus spears.  Bingeing occurs because:

The dieter was dieting and was presented with an occasion OR a special moment that made the Binge Food available. The dieter then lost control and allowed their appetite to rum amok on the goody.  

The dieter wasn't seeing any success on the weight loss scales, so they thought, "What's the use?  I'll never be thin anyway, so why not enjoy myself?"

The dieter was thrown in an disadvantageous situation with a friend, family member or co-worker who encouraged them to 'Dive in and let's have some fun!"  This situation is unfortunate and worse than Dirty Diet Dancing because the dieter does the full Dirty Diet Dip.  And sometimes that dip contains cheese or likewise high calorie, high fat components.

Sometimes bingeing occurs in dieters because of wacky thoughts.  The dieter may test their own self to determine their resistance to favorite foods.  In this case, the old Diet Bites saying is definitely true, "Diet curiosity killed the Diet Cat."

Another common wacky thought is, 'I have lost a considerable amount of weight.  I want to find out if eating all that I want of my favorite cake with cream cheese frosting will hurt my diet.  After all, I feel invincible!  Not even fatty foods or high calorie foods will be able to overcome my joyous accomplishment of weight loss.  No way will I gain weight if I eat half a carrot cake that is more cake than carrots.  Let me prove my theory by doing just that."

Sad but so, this is a bit like the pre-dieter who believes that they are already fat, so eating as much as they want of their favorite goodies won't cause any further disaster.

Binge Proofing Your Diet Plan

When dieting, it is vital to the success of your diet that you have a backup plan in place.  For most things in life, we have just that!  We save a little for those unexpected flats that occur on our vehicles.  When Christmas is approaching, we try to put back money for the holidays OR we plan to put it on a credit plan.  

American Food Pyramid, Food Group Serving RecommendationsWe generally stock our medicine cabinet with bandages, stomach medicine, cold medicine and laxatives for those special needs that may strike at any moment.  

When we don't have a back-up plan in place, what happens?  The tires remain flat, Santa decides we are naughty and skips us that year, and we suffer constipation.  

When we don't have a backup plan in place for our diet, we have no plan in mind that will take us in the direction that we want our diet to go.  

We do know that we want many - if not all, of the following when we start a diet:

To lose weight.
To get healthier.
To feel better.
Sometimes to look better.
To boost self-esteem.
To gain energy.
To reduce the long-term effects of too much weight on the skeletal frame.
To reduce certain risks for getting diseases.
To increase life span.

Although dieters know all the above 'diet rewards', most dieters have no idea, other than to reduce calories, as to where to begin when it comes to dieting.  

When the moment suddenly surfaces and the dieter has no backup plan, binging is highly likely.

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