Why Can't I Resist Overeating?

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Problem: Overeating. 

There are many reasons why we overeat, so your best defense is to determine which reason(s) trips your Overeat Button.

Keep in mind that to every problem, there is a solution - especially where overeating is involved. In fact, it's one of the easiest situations to remedy - IF the individual is willing to move in a healthier direction.

Nothing in life ever works well when forced. Problems must be met with a willingness to solve, a willingness to change. That change need not always be aggressive in order to accomplish excellent results. Such is the case where overeating is involved.

So that's the good news. Choosing to tackle our eating addiction can be troubling, because generally, tackling diet-related problems is totally optional. Exceptions include individuals who are ordered by their doctor to drop unhealthy pounds or face serious health-related risks.

Tips for Combating & Conquering Overeating Addiction

If you want to see big results on the bathroom scales, take a look at a few of the most common eating triggers and try to solve your individual puzzle by taking control of the situation and changing it to your good. You will fall in love with those lower numbers on your bathroom scales, that's for certain.

Stress kicks in the urge to overeat in many individuals and it's how their body deals with stress. Food may represent a source of comfort. I know that when I was in need of losing over 100 pounds - about one-half of my current body weight, eating was the only thing that I could do right. I had so much stress in my life with people at work telling me what to do, with people at home constantly telling me what I needed to do. I had absolutely zero control over my life during those horrible years. I had to personally make a change in my life; I found a good job with people who were decent to their employees. I got out of a home life situation which took great courage at the time.

Life is short; you need to be happy or one day you may find yourself edging into the Golden Years with nothing to reflect upon excepting bad, painful memories. Live the day to the fullest; control your own life - your own destiny. It's your life and yours alone.

Don't allow others to force you to live your life the way that they want you to - and don't allow them to send you on a guilt trip when you choose a new direction. If they aren't walking in your footsteps, they only see what they want to see. Picture of My Plate

On the other hand, while stress contributes to weight gain, don't fall into the pit of blaming others for your overweight condition.

While stress may have assisted in getting you to your overweight or obese state - you were the one feeding the demon. Take charge of your daily diet, of the foods that you put onto your meal plate. The graphic to the right of the screen examples the foods that should rest upon your meal plates.

If snack times become too tempting, then cut those from your day at your doctor's approval. This may not be a solution for all individuals, such as those with diabetes who must strive to keep their blood sugar level throughout the day.

The "I Love Food Syndrome". Why We Overeat.  

Simply put, a lot of individuals just like the way that food tastes. I do!  It's nothing to be defensive about, or ashamed about if this scenario fits. The key is to manage the amount of food that we eat. It's not easy, but it can be done with determination and willpower.

Many times we overeat when we are at an event - such as a holiday party.  Even though we overeat, we may not even remember what we ate (yes, even if we didn't have alcohol).  It's due to mingling and the heightened excitement. When attending these type of events, be very cautious of what you consume as well as the beverages that you drink.

Sometimes we overeat because we are not aware of what a portion size is OR because the restaurant doesn't provide nutritional information about the foods ordered. Always request a nutrition guide when dining out, before you place your order.

We may overeat because we don't feel well, and sometimes eating makes it all better. While it might seem as such amid our sickly condition, calories do count. Any excess from our unused daily total consumption will be filled away in the crummy old fat cells.

We may overeat because we are depressed OR happy.

We may overeat because.  And 'because' is the most difficult reason to figure out what we need to do to fix our Overeat Button.

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