The Middle Of Your Diet Plan

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Jet was so excited when he began his diet a long two weeks ago.

He was fortunate that he only had a small amount of weight to lose.

He had calculated that it would take him six weeks to lose fifteen pounds if he implemented daily exercise into his diet plan. That equated to a little over two pounds per week which is a very safe and excellent rate of fat loss.

But alas, excitement over losing pounds tends to fade quite quickly.

He was very motivated and determined to lose those unwanted fifteen pounds at the beginning of his diet. But now, two weeks into his diet plan, he found himself wanting to slip back into his pre-diet routine.

He knew better, though, because if he didn't lose the fifteen pounds now, then he feared that he would just keep gaining.  Yes, it was best as well as wise to get those excess pounds off now rather than allowing them to build.

So Jet decided that he would do the following so that he would keep true to his fitness goals. Whether you have 10 pounds to lose OR over 100 pounds to lose, Jet's Savvy Solutions can assist you in losing the weight.

Managing the Daily Diet

Jet modified his current diet plan to include less food in the morning hours and more at lunch. He left his dinner as it was because he liked eating light in the evenings.

He also allowed for a glass of reduced fat milk at bedtime because it helped him sleep better and he wouldn't awake to a case of the frenzied hungries.

He added raw foods to his snack times and meal plates because he discovered that most contained minimal calories and dietary fat.

Jet also allowed for regular soda in his diet plan because it was something that he truly enjoyed. He allowed one soda per day. When he was craving more sweet liquid, he satisfied his craving with reduced sugar orange juice for fifty calories per cup and no sugar substitute.

Adding Exercise to Daily Schedule

He added weights to his plan which assisted in toning his body as well as in quelling hunger pains. Because he developed more muscle mass, he was able to enjoy more food on his meal plates as the muscle took more calories (energy) to maintain than body fat.

He went on to achieve all his weight loss goals and felt stronger, healthier and leaner.

In Summary

man with musclesWeight loss plans almost-always start out fierce with the individual driven towards their fitness goals.

They start out with every intention of meeting them.

But time has a way of dragging those goals down because the individual grows tired and weary of dieting.

They may long for their favorite former foods. They may simply detest the bland flavors and missing textures in their healthier meal plates.

They may dislike the exercise plan that they coupled with their healthier meal plates. Whatever the reason or reasons, almost always a weight loss plan will end with a binge - with the individual never looking back, never getting back on track with their discarded plan, never meeting their fitness goals 'this time out'.

Therefore, whether the individual is at the middle or the end of their plan, they should strive to keep the same momentum, the same drive and motivation that they had at the beginning of their journey. By doing such, there is nothing that can get in their way of achieving all of their fitness goals.

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