Treat Your Diet To Lavender

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Relaxation is a huge part of achieving successful weight loss. 

Relaxing helps the body heal and repair itself.  

And it's important while one is doing a little sacrifice on the food-end to give a little on the Relaxation-End. The relaxing scent of lavender can help you do just that.

Just the aroma of lavender oil can put an end to insomnia and create serene, restful sleep in a previously restless soul.

The simple, natural scent soothes and calms, erasing the tiredness of the long day.

Keeping 'on hand' lavender soaps for the bath, lavender sachets for the dresser drawers and closets, and warmed lavender oil to soothe out aches and pains will assist the tired dieter in relaxing after a hard day on the Old Diet Trail.

Lavender has been found successful in treating the following ailments: rheumatism, restlessness, insomnia, abdominal complaints and loss of appetite.

Relaxing Tips for Dieters

Here are some other relaxing tips for the pampered dieter:

Drink a cup of skim or reduced milk before bedtime and you'll sleep soundly. If you aren't in the mood for milk, try a single serving of a dairy product such as low fat yogurt, 1/2 cup of light cottage cheese or a wedge of your favorite cheese.Lavender

Exercising earlier in the day will not only promote sleep but also help the individual fall asleep faster.

Take note however, that exercise and activity that is performed too close to beddy-bye will serve to keep the mind awake for longer than you might like.

It takes time to wind-down after activity - so be sure to allow for such and use it to your advantage; assisting the body is relaxing and feeling good - rather than keeping it awake.

Herbal scented soaps and bath salts beckon relaxation.

Draw a tub of water but make it a bit deeper than you normally would as you'll want to take a long, soothing soak. Be sure that the water is comfortably warm and not too hot for the skin.

Bath water - or water used in the shower that is too hot can increase blood pressure which can be unhealthy for those individuals who currently have elevated levels - or who need to keep their levels stable due to other health conditions, such as those involving the circulatory system or the heart.

Try to stay away from action thriller movies or stressful news stories that might keep you awake after your head hits the pillow.

Instead, opt to read a heartwarming book - or enjoy a hobby before retiring for the evening.

Make sure that the clothing that you sleep in isn't restrictive.

If the waistband is too tight, you might end up with heartburn before the night's end.

Avoid caffeine as the day draws to a close.

Avoid over the counter medications that cause drowsiness. It's best to become lulled to sleep naturally. And speaking of natural - it's natural to experience some nights where sleep just won't come.

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