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Tips & weight loss advice relating to losing unwanted pounds, safely.

Appetite or Hunger? - Recognizing the difference between appetite & hunger can assist in safely losing those unwanted pounds; we'll show you how to tell the difference and provide tips for dealing with such.

Diet Why? Diet What? Diet Where? - We show you how you can succeed with weight loss success by addressing stumbling blocks which were part of your past diets, or which currently get in the 'weigh'.

Flax Seeds - The serious side effects of flax seed in the diet.

Fishing for Weight Loss - Want to lose weight quickly and safely? Add more fish into your daily diet plan. This weight loss article contains calories in fish.

Foods That Lower Cholesterol and Foods That Raise Cholesterol - Our savvy list of foods that can raise or lower cholesterol; oh boy...let's get out our red markers, shall we?

Bad Diet - So is it your fault that you didn't lose weight?  Or is it that dirty rat diet plan that's just not working?

The Beginning of Your Diet Plan - Creating a successful weight loss plan to effectively deal with unwanted pounds, and lose them forever.

The Blue Legume - Information for inputting healthy legumes into your weight loss plan as well as a delicious recipe to accompany such.

Body Boost - Our list of foods that can assist in boosting energy levels.

Johnny Apple Seedless Bread Pudding - An easy bread pudding recipe for dieters.

Cotton Candy Diet Treat - A surprising sugary treat for dieters that is relatively low in calories - albeit empty ones; but it's okay to have a fond treat every now and then.

Weight Loss & Dieting - An example of a back-up weight loss plan.

Top My Diet With a Cherry - Add punch to your boring diet plan by embracing our easy tips.

Corn in the Diet - Weight loss tips and facts for corn lovers. Scarecrow optional....

Dieting? I Get a Crush Out of You! - Are you a pineapple lover? Oh my, have we got tips....

The Diet Gravy Train - Groovy weight loss tips for gravy lovers. Yes! You can have your gravy and eat it too!

Are you troubled with particular areas on the body that serve as fat reservoirs? We have tips and exercises that can assist:

Fat Distribution on Men

Fat on the Upper Arms

Fat on the Back

Fat on the Booty

Fat on the Chin

Fat on the Thighs

Fat on the Abdomen

Fat Distribution on Women

How Long Will it Take Me to Lose All This Unwanted Weight?

Diet Bites has the answer to this common question posed by dieters...

Simple Diet Plan - An example of a simple diet plan.

Shake, Rattle & Roll Your Diet Plan!

The Right Diet, The Right Snacks

Work it Out!

Work Outs for Wobbly Thighs

Work Outs for Wobbly Arms

Weight Loss Motivation

How Unhealthy is it to be Overweight?

The Enormous Omelet Sandwich - Not exactly great weight loss news.....


Sports Drinks, Dental Health

Purple People Eater

Can't Resist Overeating

Obese, Still Gaining

Middle of Diet

Dieting? Yes You, Handsome

Treat Your Diet Relaxation Time to Lavender

The Awful Truth About Kids & Obesity

The Hitchhiker Diet

New Healthy Weight Measures

Free Diet Plans

Busting-Up the Official Food Pyramid

Forced to Lose Weight

Endof Your Diet


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