The Hitchhiker Diet Plan

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Fad Diet Plans - Too Good OR Too Tempting to Resist?

What is a Hitchhiker Diet Plan?  

It's a diet plan that is so enticing, so attractive that it cannot be passed up.  

Many of the popular fad diets may be coined as Hitchhiker Diet Plans. 

They have a certain 'something' that elevates them to public awareness - to sit up and take notice.

Gimmicks: Green Banana Diet, Blood Type Diet, Personality Type Diet

Generally the plan involves some form of entertaining gimmick - such as x-number of green bananas per day, or pots and bowls of a particular cabbage soup recipe - or the weight loss plan may even involve unhealthy foods such as the chocolate diet.  

There may be books to read, or certain tests to complete that interpret a dieter's personality or diet type.  This brand of fad dieting is like taking an adventure, and the dieter is excited to see what results lurk behind the next corner. Unfortunately, sometimes fatal crashes occur.

Whatever the lure, a Hitchhiker Diet is so exciting that the individual can't wait to get started on plan.

As commented above, these types of fad schemes to drop pounds are generally unsafe - or just plain unhealthy. A good many have caused permanent damage to the human body.

In addition, fad methods of losing weight may suddenly turn the tables on the unsuspecting dieter and end up packing more weight on them than they begin the diet plan with. Oh dear.

Fad Diet Plan Example of The Popcorn Diet

Let's peer in at Amanda who is currently fascinated with a weight loss plan involving popcorn. Here is a glance at the plan:

Breakfast: Fat Chance
Lunch: 1 bag of microwave popcorn, the diet variety with no butter
Dinner: Eat lunch again.
Snacks: You get two; repeat lunch - only eat 1/2 for each snacking period.

Amanda decided that this was a fantastic way to ditch her 52 unwanted pounds because she adored popcorn. However, by the end of the week, she felt faint behind the wheel as she was driving her kids home from school. After losing consciousness, she ran off her side of the road, onto the opposite lane and the vehicle struck the railing. mother and baby

Both of her children ended-up in the hospital and Amanda had to be cut out of the vehicle by the firemen who rescued her. Her legs were crushed in the accident and her doctors were doubtful that she would ever walk again.

Fifteen months and a plethora of physical therapy, she was finding moving about using her legs. However, she would never regain the mobility that she previously had before her accident. Thank goodness that her children had fully recovered from the accident, although they were still quite frightened of riding in a vehicle.

Amanda incurred over one-hundred thousand dollars in medical expenses that she was expected to pay out-of-pocket.

The doctors had determined that her silly popcorn diet had been responsible for her losing consciousness.

In Summary

Given this rather sad example, when searching for a diet plan, use your good sense.  Be sure that the diet plan you pursue is one that is based on nutritional values rather than popular status.  Rather than getting the thumb's up from a Hitchhiker Diet, get the thumb's up from your personal qualified doctor before proceeding.

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