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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

We can learn about the future by looking at the past.  

As in the case of nutrition, one would think that we would be far-advanced, but not rightly so.  

The USDA Pyramid's past shattering into a dozen more pyramids is a good example of just how far back in the sticks man is when it comes to knowing all about nutrition.

The Meal Plate isn't what we'd call a step forward. There are no recommended daily servings - or for that matter, recommended serving sizes - just one big happy plate accompanied with a dairy suggestion.

By now, this is simply too 'ABC' for the current American population. If we don't know by now that we need to include the five basic food groups on our meal plate as well as in our glass or cup that accompanies meal time, then we're in worse shape that anyone can imagine.

This is baby-grade information in play - things that we should have learned in Health 101 in elementary school. Are our minds that feeble? Are they that un-sponge-like? Are we really this dumb of a society?

My Pyramid, My PlateWhile the My Plate makes a great visual for adolescent children, there needs to be movement in the adult area in order to conquer obesity - and overweight. Rather than focusing specifically on food groups - let's emphasize serving sizes, the variety of foods that are necessary for optimum health as well as colors that comprise such.

If the American populous would stick to a three meal per day schedule with two snacks based on the food groups - and with single servings as the backbone, almost everyone in the country would be at a healthier weight. But would they truly be healthy?

While demonstrating that each food group should be a part of the meal plate, some food groups require more servings than other in order to accomplish optimum health. For example, the MINIMUM recommendation for servings from the Grain Food Group is six per day for adults.

More Ever-Changing Elements Surrounding the Daily Diet & Weight

And now the news is that if we have a little extra padding, we just may live longer than our non-padded counterparts. On the other end of the spectrum is a group that believes exactly the opposite - that the thinner one is, the longer they will live.

If we had bottled all the facts, obesity would be obliterated by now, and malnutrition would be resting in the Arms of the Dark Ages.  

The health community is continually going back and forth, contemplating number of servings, changing healthy weight recommendations and so forth.  And we continue to learn about the future by looking at the past.

Until all the facts are determined, we would suggest the following in regards to weight:

The weight that you feel best at is probably the best weight for you. Ditch popular weight charts and listen to your good sense. Just because Freeda is 5'10" and weighs a certain amount, doesn't mean that you need to also if you are 5'10".  You may hold more muscle mass, or have a larger or smaller frame than Freeda.

Don't look to the celebrities or stars when it comes to being a perfect size and weight. The cameras these days take OFF ten pounds.

Don't be too restrictive in your diet based on all the latest and greatest health news. Unless it's set in Diet Stone, it's all speculation.

Do enjoy a healthy diet filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein, nuts, and skim dairy products. Limit fat intake and opt for extra virgin olive oil. But then again, some are insisting that the new, healthiest oil is a new mix of canola. Oh well....

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