Forced to Lose Weight

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Forced or Prescribed Dieting

One of the worst possible scenarios when it comes to weight loss and dieting, is for an individual to be thrown into a situation where they are forced to lose weight.  

A doctor may order a patient to drop weight for health concerns.  A lover might demand their partner to lose weight 'or else'. A mother might insist that their teen drop weight 'or else'.

In any event, the individual is thrown in an uncomfortable situation which may even create further weight gain. Or, it may destroy a relationship.  

Here are a few tips that can assist when it comes to Forced Dieting:

If the doctor has ordered weight loss as your daily prescription, try to put a positive spin on the situation.

- 'Gain' help from your family which can help you 'lose' weight.

- Get outdoors and enjoy fishing, swimming, shooting hoops - whatever it takes to make you want to move around more.  

- Explore not only the Great Outdoors, but your inner self.  Be sure to dig deep enough so that you pull that thin person out!

 If your love interest has demanded weight loss, it's time to have a one-on-one talk. Love survives weighty issues or it's not true love at all.

If your partner is demanding that you lose weight so that you'll look better for 'them', that's not a road that anyone should go down on, because it leads to selfishness and lust over the true compassion and caring which is part of being loved.

On the other hand, if the partner expresses concern over health - that is an entirely different matter. They aren't going to gain anything from the situation other than seeing the overweight individual benefit with a healthier life, and perhaps a much longer one.

If a parent has said that they want the child to lose weight, then it's a good idea - if the child is old enough, to discuss the situation with them. A child or teen should never be pressured into losing weight and the situation is more often made worse than better when the parent in part of the weight loss process.

Most kids like to please their parents, and when they are told that they need to shed some bacon, it can prove damaging to their self-confidence, as well as impact the relationship going forward that the parent shares with the child. Children can get emotionally scarred quite easily so where delicate matters are involved such as weight, they need to be handled wisely.

In Summary

If you're a parent concerned about your kid's weight, is it because of their looks or their health - or both? Is the daily diet that you are providing for them, as well as snacks responsible for their weight?

Rather than personally addressing the issue, have you tried encouraging your child to participate in sports? Have you taken your child out hiking in the great outdoors lately, or swimming, or even to fly a kite?

These are all great methods for shedding weight - and your child will be having so much fun that they won't realize such.

If a child comes to the parent asking for help to lose weight, they should work together as a team. The parent can work on preparing healthier meals - as well as learn tips that will slash the caloric and fat values of food favorites.

Both the parent and child should know which direction they are headed in regards to a goal weight.  Only a doctor should prescribe that number as each child is made up differently.

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