Fat Distribution on Women & Liposuction Solutions

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Women and men accumulate fat differently on the body.

Fat is important in the diet, but too much fat contributes to many health woes, in addition to a pile-up on the body in the form of shake, rattle and rolls.

The most problematic areas where fat commonly accumulates on women are:

- legs
- hips
- thighs
- abdominal region
- upper arms
- buttocks

Liposuction is a preferred method these days by many individuals because results are obtained quicker than dieting and exercise.  

Results can be permanent when partnered with sensible, healthy dieting and exercise.

However, take serious note as there are risks, including death.

Average Weight Loss to Expect for Liposuction

For those individuals who have a significant amount of fat to lose, this procedure will not perform miracles and should not be used as an alternative to dieting and exercise.

Generally speaking, the safe amount of fat removal amid liposuction is only 12 pounds, and that includes all other matter that is removed from the body amid the process such as tissue and blood.

This treatment is generally used to remove the fat from the resistant areas of the body that dieting and exercise were unable to vanquish. A bit of scarring is to be expected. The entry areas that were made for the procedure may require draining; there may also be swelling and extensive bruising. The patient may require several days to weeks before resuming their former activity.

Liposuction is not an alternative to controlling weight and without a healthy diet, weight gain will again ensue.

Fat Distribution on the Female Body

There are a few areas which we'd like to address. To begin with, there are very few women in the world who are totally satisfied with the size and shape of their body. And as they age, they become even less pleased. Time is not kind and it's gravitational force against the human body - and gravity always wins.

As to the upper arms, while fat accumulates on the shoulder areas amid weight gain, the impact below the upper arm area is an exact opposite, creating hanging, loose skin which is commonly referred to as 'bat wings'. As the muscle tissue becomes more dormant, the sagging increases.

The buttock area also starts to sag amid weight gain when activity is tossed to the wayside.

As to the abdominal region, both the upper and lower areas of the female anatomy thicken. Some females may have a 'ruffle' of fatty skin below the navel.

The hips, thighs and upper legs also get targeted by Mister Fat. The upper legs may take on a dimpled tree-trunk appearance.

However, the stored fat will dissipate with a healthy weight loss plan in place. No - you probably won't be totally happy with your body after the weight loss, but you will be more pleased.

In Summary

For every day that you're true to your weight loss plan, that is yet another day where your body will decrease in size. So yes you can trim down; you can get rid of those love handles by losing those excess pounds. You can cut down those tree trunks and have beautiful legs standing there instead.

If fat is disrupting your life - don't let it torment you another minute because you can start doing something to change the way that your body looks this very minute - and you can make the change last a lifetime when you lose weight the healthy way.

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