Fat On the Abdomen & 'The Vest' Solution

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

One of the most bothersome areas for fat to accumulate is on the abdominal area.

Years ago, when that happened to me, I resorted to 'The Vest Solution'.  I looked more spiffy than one of the Bonanza Boys, only I was docked in polyester rather than leather.

Unfortunately, my saddle bags weren't as rich as those boys from Virginia City.

Nonetheless, too much fat in the abdominal area is not only embarrassing, it creates a world of other body miseries such as some of the following:

The inability to see the toes.
Stress on the back, thus promoting or aggravating backaches.
Pressure on internal organs.

Polly had the same situation - excess fat in the abdominal area and she often used a vest to conceal those unwanted layers.

But one day she got frustrated over her overweight condition and decided to tackle those layers once and for all.

After all, a lot of people went on a diet - and a lot of people lost weight. She could too. And wouldn't it be swell not to have to wear a vest anymore unless she wanted to?

Walking to Rid Excess Abdominal Fat

Rather than using a popular weight loss plan, Polly decided to get rid of her abdominal fat by walking to and from work each day rather than driving. Luckily, she lived in a safe area of town and there was a park that she was able to scissor through when going and coming home from work.walking

She often saw friends that she knew as she made her way home. And after two weeks of walking to and from work, she was starting to feel quite good. She had assumed that she would dread those daily walks, but she actually looked forward to them.

Polly was also fortunate that she didn't have a plethora of weight to lose. She was what one would call 'pleasingly plump' and she really wasn't certain how those unwanted pounds had packed onto her body over the years.

She hadn't changed her daily diet significantly. She had never been big on fast food or restaurant dining. She didn't munch after dinner.

But as her walks continued and she began to slow down, she finally determined the root of her weight gain issues.

Although she was fairly active, her body had started to slow down as she grew older. But with the additional activity, she was able to trim down to her former recommended weight size.

These days, Polly still walks to and from work when the weather permits. Only now, she doesn't need a fat hider....

In Summary

If your current situation is much like Polly's and you're wearing vests to conceal those unwanted layers, then it's time to start peeling them off along with the vest.

We suggest that you start by not eating anything after the dinner hour. Yes, it is going to be difficult if you are used to grazing from dinner until bedtime, but just try it for three days. Weigh the morning that you start to use this method, then again on the morning after the third day ends. If you're a late evening snacker, this is a great way to peel off unwanted pounds without going on a restrictive diet plan.

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