Fat On the Thighs & Hips

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Body Stressed Due to Excess Body Fat

Too much fat-pile-up on the thighs and hips creates undue stress on the body in those areas.  Hips may become weakened from the additional weight; the added weight also places stress on the back area.

Generally, women have more of an issue in these areas of the body after weight gain than men.

Here are some suggestions to blast fat off the hips and thighs:

Leg lifts work well in firming up the hip and thigh area. Be sure to use a workout mat to cushion your body while exercising.

Walking, horseback riding and climbing stairs help firm up these trouble areas.

What about those gizmos which work the thighs that look much like a large butterfly? The 'wings'  fit between the leg area and the knees are brought together, thus putting pressure in the trouble areas. And yes - they do work quite well and tend to be very inexpensive.

slender figureWe have an off-brand set in our own house that we make use of on a regular basis.

They tuck away very easily when it's time to put them away - and they are actually fun to use.

Squats also work well in thinning out the hip and thigh areas. However, squats can be extremely taxing on the knees. As the body is lowered closer to the ground, it is then up to the knees to lift the weight back into a standing position.

Let's be sure to keep in mind that each of us were 'designed' with a particular body frame size to meet our expected total body weight.

Our knees and hips were intended to support x-amount of weight, as were our feet and back - and other pressure areas of the body.

Once the body is positioned into a squatting position and it must lift more than the weight that it was initially designed to lift - and at times, two or three times that amount of weight, the situation significantly increases risk for injury to the knees as well as other areas of the body should the balance of weight suddenly shift.

This is often how a misalignment of the body occurs - as well as ruptured discs in the back area.

Therefore, before carving down those thighs and hips using squats, you'd be wiser and much kinder to your body by losing those excess pounds first - then working on the squat technique for toning purposes.

In Summary

Very few individuals have a perfect body. They may have a top that's too big or too small - or a bottom half that's either too large or too tiny. And even the most perfect of bodies become imperfect as it ages.

If you currently have concerns about your hips and thighs being a bit too plump, you're on the right track - but your main concern should not be concentrated on your looks. If you're a younger adult, in another twenty years the concentration will be on your overall health.

Start today by slimming down. And we have a tip that is easy and that will naturally trim pounds without going on a diet. Weigh tomorrow morning as soon as you get up, before you eat or drink anything.

For the following three days, enjoy three meal plates: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy two snacks that consist of a fresh fruit selection. If you enjoy berries or larger fruits, eat no more than 1 cup.

Other than these two snacks, don't eat in-between meals. In addition, don't eat too late in the day.

At the end of the three days, wake up the following morning; get onto the scales as you did that first day. Did you lose weight? If so, this is a great start in trimming down not only the hips and thighs, but the rest of the body as well - while obtaining a higher level of health.

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