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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Great news: Chin fat responds well to weight loss.

Losing down to your doctor-recommended weight may just be the cure for that double or triple layers of fat beneath the jaw line.

Why Chin Fat is Difficult to Lose

The problem is that in many instances of weight gain, the skin stretches and loses its elasticity because it is over-stretched.

In addition, if the individual has gained weight over a period of years, the skin loses even more elasticity. When coupled with the over-stretching, it may unable to bounce back to its original state.

The post-dieter is left with a wad of unsightly hanging skin which probably is more bothersome to them than to others - but bothersome it is.  

Nature has a way of doing things to remind us of our former mistakes so that we think twice before repeating them.  In some instances, we find it necessary to use available means to correct her unwanted presents.

And in situations which involve loose or hanging skin that refuses to reform to the body's muscular system - even after toning exercises, surgery or cosmetic injections may be viable solutions.

Simple Exercises to Tone Chin Area

Have you ever taken note of an ageing body builder? Generally, they don't show the a-typical signs of loose skin which takes on a soft wrinkly appearance. The reasons why? man with muscles

It would be rare for a body builder not to embrace a healthy daily diet. They know that the appearance of their body is greatly due to the foods that they eat; they also know that food is energy - and it takes proper energy in order to be a body builder.

The other reason why ageing skin isn't prominent on body builders is due to the muscles they have achieved. Muscles fill in and outline the shape of the body; this is why it's so important to exercise when losing weight. It will assist in preventing loose hanging skin and serve to tone and shape your new appearance.

Simple Chin Exercise

Here is a simple chin exercise that you can do anywhere or anytime of the day amid your waking hours.

- Hold your back straight.

- Move your lower jaw out.

- Tense the leaders in your neck by moving your jaw out further OR slightly tilt your head upwards, skywards. Hold for about ten seconds, then repeat a few times throughout your day.

This chin exercise is so easy to do and it may assist in tightening this area.

If you are plagued with chin fat - and unfortunately, this area serves as an unwanted reservoir for storing fat, meet with your doctor to seek out solutions.  

Determine what options are available, the costs involved, how long the healing process takes if more drastic measures are necessary, the medications that will be administered, scarring issues, the pain involved, and most importantly, your risks for the procedure that might be used.

In Summary

If you have lost a significant amount of weight and have been left with a 'turkey waddle' you will most likely need the assistance of a qualified doctor to remove the waddle. With that said, we want you to know that you should be super-proud of yourself for losing the weight. Getting rid of that waddle should prove much easier and with modern day procedures in place, particularly laser treatments which can basically firm areas of the body, it may be less traumatizing to the body that one would assume, as well as less expensive.

The great news is those unhealthy layers of fat are gone - and you'll never have to deal with those again unless you regain the weight.

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