Fat On the Back

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Pounds Weigh Heavily

The next time that you are at the market, go grab a 20 pound bag of potatoes if you are currently able to lift that amount. Twenty pounds feels like a lot, doesn't it?  

In turn, think about having that much weight added onto your body. Carrying around the additional weight wouldn't be the same as carrying around a twenty pound bag of potatoes because on the body, the weight is distributed - fairly evenly at that.

But still, the added weight is taxing on the body frame - whether it's 20 pounds or 100 pounds.

One of the areas that is greatly impacted by excess pounds is the back which is vital in balancing 'the heavy load' located on the frontal abdominal area.

This is why doctors frequently recommend to their back patients to lose those excess pounds. Doing such - even losing a minimal amount will assist greatly in relieving pain as the stress is reduced via weight loss.

Exercise also helps strengthen muscles and bones which in turn might help get you 'back' in the shape you desire.

Let's take a look to see how dieter Nicky dealt with excessive fat on the back area. The situation really bothered her, particularly in the warmer weather and her bras never fit well. She suffered from constant squeezing where her bra wrapped around her as well as chaffing in the back area where the fatty skin rubbed against the undergarment.

One day she decided that she'd had enough; it was time to get on track with weight loss and rid herself of the constant irritation that those extra pounds were bringing into her life.

Natural Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Nicky's approach to remedy her situation was a natural diet plan. Rather than cutting calories she decided to focus on the types of foods that she was putting into her body each day.

Here are a few foods which she switched out for healthier options.

Healthy Foods to Replace High Calorie Foods

Old Food Selection

New Food Selection

Calories Saved Per Serving

Apple Pie Fresh Apple


Fried Chicken Breast Grilled Chicken Breast


Fried Onion Rings Grilled Onion Rings


Fries Baked Potato


Broccoli & Cheese Sauce Steamed Broccoli


Carrots & Butter Steamed Carrots


Whole Milk Skim Milk


Ice Cream Frozen Yogurt


Soda Pop Orange Juice, Reduced Sugar


Nicky was suddenly discovering all sorts of healthy things.

For one, she was beginning to appreciate the natural flavors of food rather than the things that she was either adding to them after they were prepared, or amid the preparation process.massage

She lost weight safely, and at a good rate. As the pounds came off she paired her smart diet with toning exercises.

Within two months all of the excess weight was a thing of the past - and finally her underwear fit as it should.

No more pain, no more rubbing, chaffing or feeling like she was being squeezed during her day.

If you too suffer back issues due to your overweight condition, like Nicky - you can lose the weight and erase the pain.

Back Ache Tip:

A warmed cloth spread with lavender oil may also help ease back pain. Massage therapy may also offer substantial relief.

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