Fat On the Upper Arms

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Upper Arm Fat Solutions

Don't you just hate it when you stop suddenly and it takes the rest of your body a minute longer to get there?  

Such is the case when one is plagued with fat on the underside of the upper arms.

The underside of the arm develops what is commonly called 'bat wings' because when one stands in front of a mirror and holds each arm straight out to each side of the body, they look like they have sprouted bat wings.

It's horrible, especially if you possess the bat wings. It makes wearing sleeveless clothing next-to-impossible if one is embarrassed by the wings.

What causes bat wings?

The muscles go to flab when they remain dormant, thus losing elasticity and causing skin droop or sag.

This occurrence may also be triggered simply by ageing. None of us are as good as we once were in our younger years.

Fat on the upper arms also contributes to the following body ills:

The additional weight may contribute to shoulder pain.

Additional weight may also contribute to headaches and neck aches.

Solutions for Fat on the Upper Arms

The good news is that there are solutions for remedying unsightly bat wings. Let's take a look at a few options.

Free Weights

Using small hand, wrist and ankle weights almost-always makes exercise more productive due to gravitational force. The resistance works to strengthen the muscles faster than when targeted exercise are performed without the weights. Look for the smaller one and two pound weight for toning bat wing areas.

man eyeing milk and cookies

milk and cookies

Lay down on the bed, flat. You'll need to move towards one edge and allow your head to slightly move over the edge. Be certain that you are securely planted on the bed because the last thing you need to add to your bat wing ordeal is a broken crown; just ask Jack - it's not a fun thing to do, particularly when carrying a bucket of water.

Place a one or two pound hand-held weight into both of your hands and grasp them securely. Bring your arms straight up over your head, then bring them downwards - toward the floor. You'll be able to feel the stretch in the upper arm area and the slower that you work the area, the better results you should see.

Special Exercise Machines Which Target Flabby Upper Arms

There are exercise machines that are specifically directed in targeting the flabby area of the upper arms. The machines may make firming up this area an easier task.

Surgery Procedures

Surgical or laser procedures may remedy bat wings but should be used as a last measure as all medical procedures come with health risks, including death. Blood clots are always an issue when the body is invaded. To determine your personal risks, you'll want to speak with a qualified doctor. For some, the risks may be very minimal; for others - such as those with an existing health condition, the risks may be significant.

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