Diet OR Diet PLAN?

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Some individuals go on a diet and don't see much in the way of weight loss results.

And some individuals go on a Diet Plan and see a lot of positive results on their bathroom scales.  

Odd how one little word can completely change things, isn't it? PLAN - it's all about planning when it comes to losing those unwanted pounds.

An individual can have the most modern, efficient, new-fangled diet in the world, but if a plan isn't attached to the diet, it generally doesn't get very far off the ground.

So don't ground your diet. Get a diet plan. 

Set out your menus in advance for the following day.

If you wait until the last minute to decide what to eat, then that will allow Mister Hunger to control the foods that you put onto your meal plate, as well as the fluids that you pour into your glass, cup or mug.

exerciseThink about the last time that you went to the market when you were hungry. If you were like most individuals in this situation, you were picking up things that you might not normally purchase - as well as more items. By the time that you were checking out, you may have felt like devouring the cart.

That's why it is a great idea to eat before you shop for food and drink. You'll not only save money, you'll also be more likely to control what goes into your basket rather than allowing Mister Hungry to do such.

Plan to get in some activity each day.

This is a very difficult element of life for some people, more so for those who are out of shape and who have gained weight than for the Skinny-Minnies of the world.

When the body sits, it goes into a fungus stage. The muscles weaken and because sitting encourages weight gain as so few calories are used to support the body's energy needs, it becomes even more difficult for the overweight person to move that extra weight around.

We need not become zippy human springs because there are parts on our body that can wear out, particularly with abuse. We need not run down the concrete road amid summer's 100+ degree temperatures either, placing our body at risk for heart attack and heat stroke. We need not climb 100 flights of stairs when we're already at serious risk for heart attack - just to lose weight.

In fact, all of the above things are completely NUTS. And on that note, there is something very wrong in using overweight individuals to promote entertainment when those individual's lives are put a high risk. All for money - all for shock and awe.

One of these days, someone is going to lose their life because of this type of stupidity. Having a doctor on standby is nothing more than eyewash. People die every day with a doctor on standby. And the sad thing is, because the individuals didn't lose weight safely or correctly, they more often than not regain the lost weight.

If you have weight to lose - no matter what size that you are, and if you have been inactive for a period of time, then you need to enter into new activity using your good sense. Start with a short walk; work your way up slowly.

Even if you start out with five minutes - within a few weeks you can work your way up to half an hour. See how you feel - and yes, get your doctor's approval before starting. While it may be risky being overweight or obese - an unwise diet OR an unwise approach to weight loss may pose an even greater risk to your health and your life.

Investigate exciting new lower calorie, reduced fat recipes.  

If the recipe calls for milk - then you know what to do; rather than grabbing the whole variety, reach for the skim or reduced fat. If the recipe calls for sugar, try half sugar and half sugar substitute. What about oil? Substitute with unsweetened applesauce or pureed fresh fruit that pairs well with the other recipe ingredients.

Mix things up, but keep your diet within your plan and weight loss will not only happen, you'll have fun getting to your magic number.

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