Example of a Backup Diet  Plan

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Dieter Jenny is determined to drop her unwanted weight.  

She is tired of her clothes feeling tight, and of the heartburn she experiences now and then late in the evenings - just as she is getting ready to retire for the evening.

The doctor said it would vanish with weight loss, so that is exactly what Jenny intends to do.

Since Jenny has been on many diets in the past, she knows that if she doesn't have a backup plan in place, something will come along and spoil her diet.  

She wants to get this weight off once and for all and be done with it - then move on to the next chapter in her life - the chapter than contains a dress size that is two sizes smaller.

Here is Jenny's backup diet plan:

Since Jenny often socializes, she knows that if she arrives at an event with an empty stomach, she may not be able to control her appetite. Jenny decides to eat a small salad or soup before attending such events.

Jenny doesn't like to exercise - never has, and never will.  Since she wants her diet plan to work, she decides that she will use walking as her form of exercise should she grow tired of her new routine at the gym on the machines.

She loves ice cream and has decided that should she get a craving for ice cream, she'll allow herself one scoop every now and then of frozen yogurt which contains less calories and fat than her regular ice cream.

Jenny tends to get stressed out from her job and she has noticed that when she is stressed out, she tends to eat more. Jenny has therefore, decided to force herself to relax at least an hour before bedtime so she can unwind and prepare for the following day.

Things That Jenny Has Learned About Her Body While Dietinghealthy plate of spaghetti & meatballs with sauce

She has also determined that some foods in her daily diet cause her more grief in the area of digestive upset than others.

Less Heartburn & Digestive Issues

She enjoyed a diet-friendly pizza for lunch earlier in the day - and she is having issues with heartburn.

Since she started losing weight - the heartburn has not bothered her as it did before her diet.

Two days ago she remembered eating spaghetti, and it also tore up her tummy. The tomatoes are creating acidity issues. She will trim those from her diet along with other high acid foods such as orange juice until she drops more pounds.

Using Activity to Conquer Cravings

Jenny has also found - to her great delight, that when she is feeling a case of the nibbles coming on that she can take a walk and they disappear. Just moving around will assist in making the hungries go away.

She has also learned that when she goes shopping that she should eat a well-rounded meal before hitting the market because she tends to make healthier food choices - and her bill is also lower.

Adding Free Weights Enhances Exercise Results

At the beginning of her activity plan she found that if she attached small ankle weights that she experienced a more rigorous activity time and saw better results on her bathroom scales. And once the weights were removed, her legs felt so light. This showed her that even one and two pound weights can cause significant pressure when transferred into pounds.

Weight Loss Supplements & Diet Pills, Useless Waste of Money

At her last doctor's visit she learned that weight loss pills and supplements do nothing in the area of burning off pounds - but that some can stymie appetite, but not without the risk of significant side-effects. Her doctor offered to prescribe a diet medication for her, but she chose to pass. At this point she was learning how to deal with hunger, and how eating certain foods such as oatmeal, beans, lentils and eggs could stave her appetite.

Looks like our dieter Jenny is on the healthy track to weight loss! And no more heartburn issues.

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