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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

We Are What We Eat

You are what you eat and if we enjoy too many cheeseburgers, our eyes will start to resemble two pickle slices.  

If we enjoy fresh healthy foods, our eyes will eventually resemble two button mushrooms.  

Which look would be best?

Well, the answer is, "The look that will add more years to our life." And that would be the healthy diet plan. Bring on the mushrooms and yes, even the boiled eggs. Or, we could even enjoy them sunny side up for a different look, couldn't we?

The following foods were born with the healthy diet in mind and will work to boost your level of health, as well as boost your immune system and will keep your diet interesting and fun!

Foods With Body Boosting Powers

Green Tea Holds Flavoniods to Support Cell Health

cup of diet teaTea - particularly green, oolong and pekoe teas which work in boosting your immune system. In some studies, tea has shown weight loss benefits. However, this excludes the diet and weight loss teas that are pitched at the market, as well as online.

Many contain ingredients that could have the dieter running to the restroom and even experiencing soiling before they reach that porcelain throne. Yes, at work even.

And when severe side effects accompany diet teas, the dieter may end-up in the emergency room or worse.

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To boost your weight loss plan with tea, enjoy a couple of cups per day, particularly the white and green teas which offer more health benefits than the black. Add just a wee bit of your favorite sugar substitute and you'll have a refreshing, relaxing drink for zero calories. Do not add a donut.

Or if you prefer your tea on ice, boil some water in the microwave - about 1/2 cup; add two tea bags of your choice and allow to steep no longer than five minutes. If the tea steeps for too long, it will become bitter due to the tannin content of tea.

Remove the tea bags and add chunks of ice and a bit of sugar substitute for sweetening powers. Again - zero calories for this refreshing beverage.

Natural Fruits & Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables which contain antioxidants and important vitamins and minerals will boost your immune system.

When snack time arrives, think fruit; think vegetables - and think about another food which also adds a boost to your weight loss plan - yogurt. It makes an excellent skinny dip for the fruits or vegetables. Look for the yogurt containing live cultures which work to support the immune system.

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