I'm Going to Get You
 You Dirty Diet Rat You!

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Have you ever been angry at your diet?  

You spend minutes, hours and even days on a diet and nada.  

You may think, "Those scales must be locked in cement!"  

And you've tried hard, mind you.  No sweets, no gravy, no chicken fried steak - or anything fried for that matter.

Still, those numbers won't budge and you feel like you are fixing to sprout square teeth because you've eaten so much salad.

So is it your fault that you didn't lose weight?  Or is it that mean and dirty diet plan that's just not working?

It's not you, trust me.  It's time to kick that dirty rotten diet out of your life and grab one that produces some results.

Don't waste any more of your time on a diet that isn't working when you could be dropping pounds with a plan that does work. Let's look at some tips that can assist as you move forward - out of neutral, because moving backwards is not an option for a dedicated dieter - and you are such or you wouldn't be here.

Tips for Succeeding at Belly Fat Loss

Notice that we used the words 'fat loss' -  which is exactly what you're aiming for. By replacing some words for others as we move towards a thinner body, it can assist with tweaking our brains - of how we think about losing weight, turning a negative into a positive.

Here are a few examples of such:

1. Calories, Food, Drink

The next time that you go to fill your meal plate or to choose a healthy snack, rather than thinking these things, "I need food, I need drink, how many calories do they contain?" think this instead: "My body needs ENERGY. When we think of food and drink, we should look at these as energy sources. As to the caloric content, the body recognizes such as energy. Therefore, when we look at the labels, we should think, "How much energy does this energy source contain?"

2. Exercise

Rather than think about having to exercise, change that thought to 'activity'. It's a much nicer word and most of us enjoy some type of activity, whether it is walking or dancing.cup of diet tea

3. Steak, Bread, Milk, Potato, Apple

What do these five foods have in common? They are all members of the food groups housed within the American Food Pyramid.

When we start to think about our food choices as Food Group Servings, we ramp-up the healthy benefits which in turn mirror some nice results in the area of a thinner body.

Think of these five foods as: Protein Group, Grain Group, Dairy Group, Vegetable Group and Fruit Group.

Let's gravitate back towards the 'fat loss'. When we think about losing pounds, or weight - if we think about losing fat, which should actually be the target we're seeking, it can fuel our willpower. Those layers on top of our body's skeletal frame which are making us appear larger than we should be are composed of fat. We need to get rid of the fat while keeping the lean; we need to empty our energy reserves via a healthy diet that contains the necessary energy (calories) to support our recommended body weight.

In Summary

As a note, if you have dropped pounds BUT not the amount that you desire, keep in mind that a 2 pound per week drop is ideal. Be patient; good things will keep happening.

Your doctor may be of help in steering you towards an effective weight loss plan, and will also be able to prescribe diet pills that will help you get rid of that unnecessary bulk. And there are several new diet pills that come with fewer risks and side effects on the markets these days but they should only be taken under the advice of your attending physician - and only if necessary.

So see your doctor, search out the diets available - and get to losing weight.  Oh - and you can tell that dirty old diet plan to hit the road, Jack.

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