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Diet Articles Relating to the Weight Loss Plateau

Written by Diet Bites

Weight Loss Plateau questions and answers.

Has your weight loss plan stalled, leaving you stranded in the Diet Wilderness? With no first aid kit in sight? If so, you may standing (or crawling) on the infamous Weight Loss Plateau.

What is a Weight Loss Plateau?

In layman's terms the body requires time to balance all the good things that are being done to it such as a healthier diet, the drop in weight, the caloric burn from the burst of exercise that is suddenly being thrust into the individual's routine.

Think about this.... Over the course of the next three days, eat as you normally would taking care not to over-indulge or under-indulge. Weigh each morning and record the results.

Your weight should be about the same on all three days, even if you ate a few more or a few less calories. The body has a balancing point where weight is concerned. While the individual doesn't count calories and continues to consume his normal diet, the weight scales basically remain the same. Simply put, it takes a jolt to the system for the balance point to sway up or down.

When weight loss is the response, it typically occurs steadily over a space of time. Then suddenly - just out of the blue, weight loss pauses or halts. This period of time is referred to as the Weight Loss Plateau.

The dieter may stay on the plateau for a few days or even a few weeks before weight loss engages again.

Unfortunately, more often than not the dieter gets frustrated because they aren't seeing results and they quit their weight loss plan.

In my personal experience in interviewing individuals and in the personal weight loss of over 100 pounds going on two decades ago, the dieter loses weight rapidly at the beginning of the weight loss plan.

*Note that my findings are based on significant weight loss which equals being 50 or more pounds overweight.

Next, they hit the first weight loss plateau.

In my experience, I hit the weight loss plateau every 10 or so pounds. The reward of waiting out the plateau is that rapid weight loss tended to occurs directly following the weight loss plateau period.

I strongly encourage to stick with your weight loss plan and endure the weight loss plateau periods as you'll be greatly rewarded in the form of impressive weight loss. I hope that the following articles will assist in keeping you on track and will motivate you.

One final note. At times the dieter will need to adjust their caloric content to accommodate weight loss. For example, Joy's goal weight requires 1,600 calories per day.

While Joy was losing weight while on her 1,800 calorie diet - once she reaches a certain point those 1,800 calories will be supporting her new current weight and weight loss will cease unless she incorporates a big daily dose of activity into her schedule. If not, she'll need to decrease the caloric content of her daily diet in order to continue to lose weight.

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