Over Weight & Under Going Surgery

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Overweight Patients - Four Times Longer on Surgical Table Than Patients at Healthy Weight

In a discussion with our family doctor, he informed me that operating on overweight patient took up to four times longer than the same procedure would on an individual who was at their recommended weight. It's just one more reason to lose those extra pounds.

Benefits of Losing Weight Before Surgery

Dropping extra pounds before under going surgery may also:

- lessen recovery time

- decrease risks associated with surgery

- ward off the need for some surgeries

Overweight & Digestive Issues

Let's focus on that last issue and look into the life of Larry who suffered from severe digestive upset.

Larry was 76 pounds overweight. He hadn't started out in life that way. In fact, on the day that he was born, every other baby in the nursery were all within just a few tiny pounds of one another. Even 10-pound Georgie was only two pounds heavier than Larry had been.

By the time that he had reached adulthood, he was quite thin. And then he met pretty Paula. Shortly thereafter, they got married, settled down and had three kids. Paula started to put on pounds after the birth of each child - as did Larry. They often teased that it was 'sympathetic weight gain'.

Now, the kids are all grown and Paula managed to pop back down to  her recommended weight while Larry developed 'Boss Belly'. He was the company accountant and that didn't involve much activity. And when he arrived home in the evening, his sixty-year old body just wanted to molt in front of the television - generally with buttered popcorn, potato chips, pizza and Paula.

And then the digestive issues started. Oh, the aggravation. The heartburn kept him from needed sleep at night - and he felt lousy the next day at work. By the time he arrived home, he was beat - he just wanted the television, popcorn, chips, pizza and Paula. And when it was time to go to bed, it started all over again - that burning in his throat and that uncomfortable feeling that the acid was going to eat him alive.

Paula was concerned after the trend continued for about four months - and she made an appointment with Larry's physician who noted that his patient needed to lose pounds - but instead of handing out that prescription, he prescribed medications that would ease the symptoms.

The Weight Loss Cure, Dangers & Risks of Relying on Medications to Treat Serious Medical Conditions Rather Than Losing the Excess Fat

What Larry needed was a cure - and the cure was in the form of weight loss.

Nonetheless, Larry took the medication and his heartburn and other digestive issues were solved - the bloating, burping and cramps that he often experienced along with the heartburn.

Then one night he awoke in his sleep, his back on fire and he was in severe pain. He felt sick to his stomach, very weak - as he ran into the bathroom and emptied his tummy. When he flicked on the light, he discovered he had a rash.

Paula rushed him to the ER where he was diagnosed with interstitial nephritis; the attending doctor informed them that it was a reaction to the drug that Larry had been taking for his heartburn and digestive upset issues. Unfortunately, he was experiencing kidney failure and his life was in danger.

Six months later, he was recovering from his kidney transplant surgery as was Paula who had fortunately been able to give him one of her kidneys.

Larry started to educate himself on medications, as well as how to keep his thinner size. Amid the drama, he had lost almost all 76 pounds of fat - and he intended to keep it off. He learned that curing the cause was much wiser than treating the symptoms and doing such had almost cost him his life.

He also learned that as he had aged, his body required fewer daily calories - or energy because calories equal energy to the body. He learned that he could balance a healthy diet with activity which would also assist in controlling his weight.

In Summary

Don't treat the symptoms of illnesses with prescription medications IF you can cure such by losing weight.

In addition, if you are undergoing surgery within the next few months, work to remove as much of those extra pounds as possible to ensure that your recovery time is less and that you'll go through the surgery with less risks to your health, and perhaps your very life.

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