How to Tell if You are Over Weight

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Signs That Signal Weight Gain & Over Weight Issues

One of the worse things that one can do in determining whether they are over weight is to ask their friend and/or family member, "Do I look over weight? Have I gained weight? Am I getting fat?"

Family and friends love deeply and love hides a multitude of sins - as well as injured feelings.

You can just about count on the answer always being, "No! You look as delicious as ever!"

Wise of them, too because the first time they tell you, "Yeah - you've put on a bit of bacon," then they've turned over your apple cart and what follows is anyone's guess.

Although recommended weight charts can be helpful in assisting an individual in determining if they are over weight, there are a few extra simple tell-tells that can spell weight gain - sometimes before that extra weight makes an appearance on the weight scales. They include the following situation.

Is Your Clothing, Rings, Collars & Shoes Fitting Tighter?

- Clothing fits tighter, including rings & belts; when the skirt or pants grow snug, then it's time to snuggle up to a healthy weight loss plan and ditch those pounds before they turn into a junk yard dog.

Do You Feel Bloated? Or is that true weight gain....

- An individual may feel bloated; unfortunately - 'bloated' is just another word to define 'fat'.

- The face may appear a bit fuller in the mirror; trust your mirror because it truly will tell you who's the fattiest in the land.

Seatbelt Tighter, Easy Chair Seems Smaller

- Seat belt fits more snuggly; if you feel like you're being pinched in the middle then it's time to take the turn-off leading to the Land of Slimdom.

- Your favorite chair no longer feels big enough. Or when you go to the movies you feel like an elephant on a tiny pedestal.

Start Losing Weight Right Now, No Need to Procrastinate

Now that we have that out of the way, the great news is that you can start losing weight as soon as in this moment.

You don't need to start your weight loss plan tomorrow - because you know what happens in situations like that? The pre-dieter thinks, "Oh, I'm going to be going on a diet after today, so I'll have one last hurrah and eat all that I want tonight."

Tomorrow arrives and that splurge put on more weight - and more often than not, the diet becomes very short lived. Keeping this in mind, once you step out onto the weight loss trail, keep on going until you lose all the weight. If you turn around, you just may turn into a pillar of salt like Sally Lot.

In Summary

If you think that you may be too plump or overweight, then you probably are; and if you're close to plump - then you need to lose before those pounds become so thick that you can't even tally them with your trusty abacus.

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