Dieting Articles for the Month of January

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Bites Newsletter Edition #11

January Weight Loss Links & Articles

We have several New Year's holiday planners that contain foods, appetizers and punches that are low in caloric values so that you start out your year on the healthy path.

Swinging New Year's Party | New Year's Dieting | Party On Diet Dudes!

Looking for tips that will render a successful diet plan?

We'll set out the steps that can lead you in the right direction:

How to Make Your New Diet Work

Did you make a New Year's Resolution to lose weight?

Have you done such in the past only for your new weight loss plan to end in failure?

If so, those days are over. We'll show you how to lose those extra pounds and start off the year with a whole new, thinner you!

New Year's Resolution to Lose Weight

Did you gain a little or even a lot of unwanted weight amid the holidays?

If so, we have tips to get you back on the healthy track of life.

Weight Gain During the Holidays?

In Summary

These are just the tip of the iceberg in comparison to the articles housed at Diet Bites.

We're here for you - to offer support and to create a desire to achieve all of your fitness goals.

Keep in mind that even when you have a lot of weight to lose (like I-myself did almost two decades ago - 100+ pounds) it's something that can be achieved.

You'll want to accomplish such in a safe manner - and the plan that you go on needs to include the healthy Food Groups.

It should be a plan that you can continue to use after all the weight is gone - so that those lost pounds never return.

We don't know anyone who loves or even mildly enjoys dieting - so get the fat off and keep it off. Get to a healthier state in life and enjoy the time you have left. Life is short - and it's so much more enjoyable when we feel our healthiest!

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