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Diet Newsletter for October Dieters

Written by Diet Bites

Diet Bites Newsletter Edition #10

Good Things in Store for Fall Dieters

Fall is in the air with so many good things in store for dieters. Whether it's picking up the first crop of fall pumpkins and squash, or relaxing while watching the Harvest Moon, fall presents some opportune times for dieters.

Here are a few of our favorite suggestions for dieters, as well as Diet Bites links to tasty Halloween treats.

- Although the days grow shorter, the cooler temperatures open up doors for longer activity periods. Before setting out, be sure to apply the sunblock - even when it's brisk outside as the rays of the sun can still be damaging.

- Fall pumpkins and squash at the local markets are a dieter's dream. Try opting for the smaller specimens which cook up quickly in the microwave when split in half.

Simply wash the pumpkin or squash, carefully cut in half, remove the seeds, wash again, then place flesh side down into a microwave-proof dish in about 1 inch of water. Cook until tender on high - about 8 to 12 minutes depending upon the microwave.

Remove and serve with any of the following: Parkay no calorie butter spray, ground cinnamon, sugar free syrup, Splenda, a spoon of natural brown sugar, mini marshmallows, hulled sunflower or pumpkin seeds or chopped nuts. De-lish-us!

- Autumn presents a great time for relaxing and fun projects - from creating a friendly scarecrow to pumpkin carving.

- With the hotter weather lifting, it's a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and activity before Old Man Winter arrives in full force.

Fresh Strawberries & Light Whipped Topping, a light snack or perfect dessert for dieters

This Lady in Red will add warmth and passion to your diet plan without adding calories. Whether you decided to leave her totally Red or dip her into a bit of light, reduced fat whipped topping, she's full of natural goodness. 1 cup of strawberries contains about 45 calories and they are considered a super food, just like the autumn pumpkin.

Speaking of pumpkins, October is fashion month for these big boys and they should be popping-up all over. They are also quite tasty with reduced fat whipped topping. Here is a quick dessert recipe featuring the tasty, flavorful autumn pumpkin.

Recipe Ingredients

You will need the following ingredient to prepare this pumpkin recipe:

1/2 cup of canned or pureed fresh pumpkin
Splenda to suit personal taste
1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon of chopped English walnuts
2 Tablespoons of rich pumpkin flavored coffee creamer
1 serving of reduced fat whipped topping OR reduced fat whipped cream

How to Prepare This Low Calorie Dessert Recipe

Mix the Splenda with the canned or pureed pumpkin as well as the ground cinnamon. Place into a bowl that will heat in the microwave. Set on medium speed and cook in the microwave for about a minute or two - until the pumpkin is nice and hot.

Remove and stir in the pumpkin flavored coffee creamer. If you don't have pumpkin flavored creamer on hand, mix in your favorite coffee creamer - or you can use milk, any variety that you choose from full-blown to skim as we're only adding a minimal amount.

Top with the whipped topping or reduced fat whipped cream (15 calories per serving) and then with the English walnuts. Dust with more ground cinnamon if you wish.

As a healthy note, the pumpkin pie is one of the lowest calorie pies and makes quite a popular choice for the month of October.

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