Over Estimating Endurance

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Bites Newsletter Edition #11

Example in Action, Excessive Activity at the Beginning of a Plan can Spell Fatal Results for a Former Couch Potato

Dieter George decides that he needs to lose weight.

He is anxious to get started, so he decides to take a long, brisk run.

But after a minute he starts to feel horrible - sick to his stomach, out of breath and his chest isn't feeling so hot either.

And what is that stabbing pain shooting down his right arm?

George didn't know his personal limitations where physical endurance was concerned.

He over-estimated and if what he is feeling in his chest is related to his heart, this might very well be his final run.

Given such, don't be foolish if you haven't exercised in quite some time. Take things slow; ask your doctor for advice based on your personal health readings.

In Summary

We hope that you'll get out 'n about.

We hope that you'll choose a favorite activity OR adopt a new hobby that will have those extra pounds melting off quicker than a wink.

Whether it's a game of beach ball or a walk in the park, every step matters and the results will be reflected on the scales.

Take things at a slow pace at the beginning of your activity plan. After all - you didn't apply those extra layers of fat overnight and you shouldn't expect to melt them overnight, either.

Be sure to take all the a-typical precautions when enjoying the great outdoors, from smattering on the sunscreen to strapping on those sunglasses. Wow - don't you look cool.

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