Diet Newsletter for Sizzling July Dieters

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Bites Newsletter Edition #7

Getting Healthy This Summer, Sensible Dieting Tips

Our July newsletter places the focus of enjoying our favorite foods while cutting fat and calories - and what better time of the year as we enter into Salad Haven amid these warmer temperatures of summer.

We've also got some sizzling diet tips to help melt off those extra pounds.

So grab your straw hat, those movie-style sunshades, those thongs (for tootsies) and sunblock - and let's head out on the Diet Wave that just coming inland.

Healthy Recipe Tip of the Month, Smores for Dieters

More Smores 4 Less Calories

Time to hit the old campground! What an ultra easy way to trim fat and calories while enjoying a camper's favorite treat - smores!

Begin by choosing graham crackers that are low in fat. This will save a few calories - and in the area of weight loss, a calorie saved is a calorie earned. The more calories that you save, the more weight you can lose.

Smore Calories: The chunk of calories in Smores stems from the chocolate and the number of marshmallows used. We recommend using the single serving size of Hershey's chocolate bar. Break off 4 squares of the candy bar rather than the traditional 1/2 bar (6 squares).

Choosing mini-marshmallows will also help cut calories as they can be spread out over the bottom smore layer. Cutting calories here and there not only equals weight loss and weight maintenance, it also equals a healthier you. And sometimes, it just may equal enjoying another lower calories Smore.

In Health News This Month

Over the counter vitamins are under the microscope and will soon be reviewed for safety. The National Institute of Health commissioned a panel of health experts to review over the counter vitamins which currently are unregulated.

The panel concluded that insufficient information existed in regards to recommending 'taking' or 'not taking' other the counter vitamins.  In addition, the panel strongly recommended that over the counter vitamins be reviewed for safety and effectiveness.

Our recommendation: Supplement your daily diet with other the counter vitamins ONLY if your doctor recommends such - at least until the research is completed.

Over the Counter Multi-Vitamins Health Risks

The panel reviewing OTC vitamins concluded that some brands of vitamins contain more the recommended daily allowance.  

Excess consumption of some vitamins can lead to the following potentially serious health conditions.

Excess niacin may lead to liver damage;

Excess Vitamin A can lead to birth defects;

Excess Vitamin E can lead to bleeding problems;

Excess beta carotene consumption in smokers may lead to lung cancer.

The controversy over marijuana continues.

A recent study by the University of California Los Angeles indicates that marijuana does not increase the risk for developing lung cancer.

The theory is that the chemical THC found in marijuana encourages ageing damaged cells to die off before they transform to cancerous cells.

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