Diet Newsletter for August Dieters

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Bites Newsletter Edition #8

Dieting During August, the Summer Dieter

We've got a lot going on this week at the old Diet Bites as we enter those Diet Dog Days of August.

We don't know how it's been around your house this week, but we have been slammed with triple-digit temperatures for weeks now. It's the downside of living on the squall line in the deep southern United States.

Another thing we've been slammed with - sandwiches - a lot of sandwiches. Why it's almost too hot to drag out our sexy old grill.

So on that note, grab an ice-cold drink and settle in to discover some hot tips that won't burn anything up except those unwanted pounds.

Try to stay cool this week, particularly when exercising.

When venturing outdoors, keep your sunshades, sunscreen, hat and water bottle close at hand. Be sure to save outdoor activities for when the sun is a bit kinder - either early morning, or late in the day.

If you're dieting, you're probably tired of summer salads and ice cubes - and ready for cooler weather to arrive, the best part being rich warm cocoa, healthy soups and stews and stick-to-your-diet-rib meals. In the meantime, keep the salads coming and don't let the dust get too thick on your grill.  With the hottest part of the year engulfing most of the USA, be cautious with the salt shaker. It isn't fun, swelling in the heat - and heat tends to make us swell just a tab on its own.

Respect the hot summer sun and dress accordingly when going outdoors to exercise. Even when you're in the shade you'll need protection from the summer sun in order to avoid burn.

Hot Summer Recipe for Dieters, Frozen Grapes & Nanners

The heat is not kind on delicate fruits so if you have a few loose grapes and some freckled bananas, try sticking them into the freezer for a cool, healthy treat.

Place grapes on waxed paper so that they do not touch.  For bananas, either freeze the entire banana and slice (carefully) or peel, slice and freeze. 

Diet Recipe of the Week

Peanut Butter Balls: This recipe is ultra simple and one that the kids can enjoy making. Simply take 2 Tablespoons of smooth or chunky peanut butter and mix with 1 teaspoon of dark or golden raisins and 1 teaspoon of whole oats. Roll into balls; roll into powdered sugar.

In the Health News

A man goes on a 3,000 walk and arrives to his destination 100 pounds thinner. Just one more great example that illustrates the power of walking.  

The recent European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)  Aspartame study conflicted with a prior Aspartame study conducted in 2005 by the European Ramazzni Foundation which concluded that Aspartame causes cancer. In reaction, the FDA requested and received portions of data from the ERSA and is actively reviewing such. After review, the FDA will announce its conclusion.

The FDA rejected a petition from a Japanese company that sought to include green tea health claims on its label; specifically that green tea reduces the risk of heart disease. The FDA concluded there is no credible scientific evidence to support this health claim.

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