April Newsletter - Diet 123

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Bites Newsletter Edition #4

Losing the Fat - the Perfect Time has Arrived

As spring gets underway, we thought it might be helpful to encourage activity for weight loss.

Oh yes - a dreaded spectrum of the Weight Loss Equation BUT the great news is that exercise generates more weight loss than dieting alone.

The Positive Impact of Exercise

The central positive impact of exercise might appear to be superior weight loss results when paired with a healthy daily diet - but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Exercise creates a stronger level of health; our body becomes more immune to infection, illness and disease.

We may live much longer if we embrace activity than if we spent equal time resting in our easy chairs or sofas.

The keyword is 'may'.

This isn't to say that couch potatoes are doomed to a short life and a fatter body.

And who knows whether exercise would lengthen the life of a dedicated couch potato - it's chiefly speculation.

Health studies indicate that it is highly probable that the individual who exercises will live a longer life - but there is no way to verify that data 100% as life is so unpredictable.

The couch potato may have met an earlier demise when hiking by falling down a hill - or they may have foolishly walked the park at night and the ill-decision ended badly.

The Gene Pool Impact, Body Weight

Much of what we are, as well as what we weigh - our shape, size and distribution of fat as well as our body's basic construction is due to our gene pool.

Sure, we can control things to a certain level.

If we were born with a bad heart there are things that we can do to protect and strengthen it so that we have a potentially longer, fuller life.

With this said, the avid couch potato can benefit greatly in the area of exercise. While there are no guarantees as to longevity - there are in regards to the quality of life.

With a fitter body, the post-couch potato will more likely feel better, have more energy and a clearer mind.

They will be less prone to illness and disease - and if they lose those extra pounds, they may even avoid certain mild-to-serious diseases.

This much - we do know to be fact.

But there are also downsides to exercise; let's review those. The Negative Impact | Over Estimating Endurance

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