January Newsletter -  A New Diet Beginning

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Bites Newsletter Edition #1

New Year, Time to Lose the Excess Belly Fat

As you strive to make the upcoming year healthier, Diet Bites wishes you much success. It's a New Year - time to lose that unwanted weight.

Keep in mind that weight loss should be approached with the following mind-set to ensure weight loss success.

Be patient & realize that losing weight will take time.

Those extra pounds didn't sprout overnight and it's going to take some time to melt them off safely. At the end of the day - you should be aiming for not only weight loss but weight loss combined with a higher quality of health.

Unfortunately, quick weight loss results aren't as kind or as healthy to the body as steady results and generally quickly returns after the weight loss plan has been discontinued because the weight that was lost was water-loss rather than fat loss.

Sensible Diet Plan Based on Food Pyramid Groups & Daily Recommendations

On that healthy note, be sure to choose a smart, healthy diet plan - one that contains all of the healthy five food groups.

Sensible Activity Paired With Healthy Daily Diet for Weight Loss

Be sure to marry your diet with an activity that you love as well as a hobby that you enjoy. If you love what you're doing, then you're going to keep loving it; if you absolutely detest the exercise plan in your weight loss quest - you're less apt to stick with it as time marches forward.

Forge Forward, Be Determined in Your Diet Plan

Never give up on losing those excess pounds because YOU are certainly worth all the hard work.

Dieting Articles to Assist at Diet Bites

We hope the following articles will be of help as you strike out on your Weight Loss Adventure and that you'll park yourself at Diet Bites for weight loss motivation, savvy diet tips and uplifting articles written just for you, our cherished reader.

Our Free Weight Loss Program also details my weight loss success over a decade ago which began shortly after the Christmas holiday season.

Good things can happen when we put our minds to it AND great things can happen when we toss our spirit into the mix.

For all the articles housed within Diet Bites click here.

With thousands of articles swimming around, the Article Index will keep you afloat so you won't get lost amid the at-times, choppy Weight Loss Seas; we'll show you how to navigate your Diet Boat - to keep it afloat.

There is nothing worse than being up Diet Creek without a paddle, is there?

Happy Holidays and the greatest success for the New Year! Dieting Articles for the Month of January

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