How to Wisely Set Weight Loss Goals

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Bites Newsletter Edition #11

Simplifying Losing Pounds

If you have a significant amount of fat layers to remove - then you are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed.

You may have even considered giving up on losing - to return to your former way of life and just enjoy what time you have left.

Procrastination of Diet Allows Room for Weight Gain

From personal experience, I can assure you that this will only lead to more added layers - more discomfort amid those hot summer days as you'll experience more sweating - and you'll continue to have difficulty resting at night, bothered by digestive upset, as well as painful heartburn, achy joints that are over-taxed by weight.

I'm here as a living example to show you that even if you have a lot of pounds to lose -  you can do such. You just need to simplify.

Here is an example of the module that I used when I lost more than 100 pounds, going on two decades ago.

If you're having issues setting your goal weight, I hope this will assist:

If Merna is going on a diet and is 5'5" in height and currently weighs 204 pounds, this is how we recommend that she set her weight loss goals:

Step 1

- Her FIRST weight goal will be 199 pounds.

This will allow her to be out of the 200 range and into the 100+ range and can serve as a motivating factor.

Step 2

- Her SECOND weight goal will be 189 pounds. Now she is already into her 180's.

Step 3

- Her THIRD weight goal will be 179 pounds.

Step 4

- Her FOURTH weight goal will be 169 pounds - and so forth until her final goal weight is reached.

Take note that she should set more than one goal for her weight; this allows her to reach several achievements in the area of weight loss as she works her way down to her ideal weight of 130 pounds.

By using this 'mind set', Merna starts her diet on a Monday (any day will work and we're just using this per example).

In one week, she should be into her 190's. Within three weeks, she should be into her upper 180's. She has gone from the 200's into the 180's in only three weeks! Using this tip can be a fantastic motivator - because losing the pounds is motivation in itself.

And when we realize that our plan is effective, that only increases our desire to keep losing to our goal weight.

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