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Diet Bites Newsletters: January Through December Weight Loss Support

Need a little motivation to keep you on target for weight loss results?

Fact is, every month of the year offers its own set of challenges. Amid January we're struggling to get over the ill-effects of holiday weight gain.

Just when we're over the hill and enter into the month of February, we see chubby little Cupid and his pack of chocolate. And who can resist that?

Then March rolls along and we're getting ready to invite the Easter bunny into our homes and yards along with his candy eggs and yes, more chocolate. Depending upon the time of Passover, Easter may occur anywhere from March to May.

Unfortunately, when it doesn't arrive until March, the stores set out the Easter candy right after the Valentine's Day candy. It's an endless maze.

Then just when we're thinking that all will be well with our weight, here comes Independence Day. What's the Fourth of July without potato salad, fried chicken and fireworks?

By the time that Labor Day arrives, we're so sick of salad that we've sprouted long ears and square choppers. We even hop everywhere we go these days.

And then the scary time of year arrives with Halloween pumpkins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake - and Halloween candy. From October to December, it's one long stretch of eating - or the challenge of resisting.

November is the month that we're generally thankful for all those wonderful goodies - even when we can't eat all that we'd like to eat.

And from here until the end of the year, many a body goes on a feeding frenzy - planning to lose all the weight they have gained over the year - along with the weight that they plan to gain over the Christmas holidays, after the New Year.

As we can easily see, it's one giant circle - and it's difficult to get off the crazy ride at times.

However, with Diet Bites excellent tips on board, they can assist in giving you motivation to get you through each and every difficult month of dieting.

We even have some delicious low fat, low calorie recipes as well as recipe tips that can fit into almost-any healthy weight loss plan.

Let's get busy losing that unwanted weight, shall we? There is no better time to start that task than the present.

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