Natural Foods That Suppress Appetite

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Foods that suppress appetite naturally without risky side effects...

From Hoodia to magical appetite suppressant pills, those who seek weight loss will find many manufactured cures for diminishing appetite.

So is there anything out there that doesn't come with health risks? Scary side effects? Big dollar signs?

What about natural foods that suppress appetite?

Oh yes - we've got a few bushel baskets of foods that work extremely efficiently in suppressing appetite, packaged in Mother Nature's natural wrapper.


Need to quell that savage appetite? Oatmeal suppresses appetite big time! Eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and you'll feel so full that you'll bypass that mid-morning snack.  

But why stop at breakfast? Dinner is a great time to enjoy oatmeal and can help combating intake of those tricky calories that happen so often between dinner and bedtime.

Oatmeal is rich in fiber - about 4 grams and has been proven to reduce cholesterol. When enjoyed with skim milk, no calorie butter spray and no calorie sweetener, total calories come in at less than 200. What a Diet Deal.

BUT - if you want to go all natural, use a bit of sugar and a pat of your favorite margarine for just a few more calories.

Other foods that work to suppress appetite include:


Rich fiber content keeps the appetite suppressed for hours. They are also superior in protein grams - which is a key component of satiety power. This simply means that foods which pack protein [and also dietary fiber] will satisfy your hunger for longer periods of time in comparison to foods lacking these nutritional elements.


Protein content combats appetite and satisfies appetite for long periods of time. Try eating a pancake for breakfast one morning; the next - enjoy an egg. See which food keeps you satisfied longer.


Pearled barley is rich in fiber and works to keep you filling full. Also packed with dietary fiber. Another plus? A small serving is quite effective in keeping the hungries away.


Enjoy fish and you'll be feeling full for a very long while. Also a protein powerhouse.

Omega 3's - Fatty Acids in Fish

Best Sources of Omega-3, Fatty Acids in Fish

Fish of Shellfish & Cooking Method: Three Ounce Serving Size

Omega-3 Grams

Atlantic Herring

dry heat


Anchovies (Based on 5)

Canned in olive oil


Pink Salmon

dry heat


Sockeye Salmon

dry heat


Sea Bass

dry heat


Albacore Tuna

Canned in water



dry heat



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