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Are You Happy? - If you're like most people, you go through life experiencing brief periods of happiness. Discover how to live a happier, longer & healthier life....

Foods That Boost Metabolism - The following foods and tips may assist in boosting metabolic rate...

Symptoms of Slow Metabolism - A sluggish rate of digestion is often a symptom of a thyroid imbalance, so let's address those symptoms before we move towards the Metabolic Rate.

Plant-Based Diet Plans - Losing weight and getting healthy can be accomplished easily by embracing a plant-based diet plan. Studies show that a daily rich in raw foods and reduced in fat can actually heal the body, fight chronic disease and increase life span. Some of the best and most effective include the following diets.

Mediterranean Diet | Flexitarian Diet | Traditional Asian Diet | Vegetarian & Vegan Diets | Raw Food Diet | Eco-Atkins Diet | Ornish Diet | Engine 2 Diet | Macrobiotic Diet | Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Things That Cause Weight Gain - The most common causes of weight gain and tips to help you succeed at weight loss.

Natural Foods Diet Plan - Our menu is built upon natural foods - the most healthy method for losing belly fat.

World Food Pyramids Compared - How do other nation's food pyramids and plates compare to those of the United States? Let's see......

Belly Fat Diet Meal Plan - Our free plan for ridding belly fat in a safe manner.

Diet Reviews

FDA Ban on Trans Fat

In an effort to the heart health of Americans the FDA is seeking to eliminate the bulk of Trans fat from the daily diet....

Grapefruit Diet Review | Seven Day Diet Menu | Metabolism Diet Meal Plan | Chocolate Diet Review | Three Day Diet Menu

One Good Meal a Day Diet | Scarsdale Diet Plan Review | Popcorn Diet Facts | Blood Type Diet Review

Weight Gain After Exercise - You've windmilled yourself to Holland and back again, you've done so many sit-ups that you're now quite foldable, you've ran until your tongue now touches your knees - yet you never expected to see an increase in body weight on those spiffy bathroom scales!


Foods Rich in Calcium - While milk is stellar, cereals as well as other foods are higher in content. We have the best sources listed....

Inactivity Negates Protein - If you're inserting rich protein sources in your plan, you won't receive the full benefits without adding this vital element....

FDA Consumer Warning, Products of 2014

In recent years the FDA has been overwhelmed with these categories of self-help and self-improvement products hitting the market.

There has  been an alarming rate of interest in products targeted towards weight loss and obesity in the U.S.....

Side Effects of OTC Nose Sprays

OTC nasal sprays can be life savers for those suffering from stuffy nose - but when abused the side effects can be serious.

Buying Healthy Foods

We'll have some awesome tips that will show you how to shop for the healthiest foods for your new fitness plan.

Delicious Easy to Prepare Recipes

Low Calorie Chili Recipe: Minimal ingredients and can be prepared in about five minutes.

Low Calorie Garden Punch Recipe: Easy to make, low in caloric content and it's oh-so-pretty!

Bananas for Weight Loss: Want to lose the fat, lower blood pressure and reduce unhealthy cholesterol?  This natural food can assist.

Quick No Rise Bread Recipe - If you need bread in a hurry without having to run to the market, this rustic loaf or spiral can be on your table in less than 30 minutes. You've got to try this delicious bread recipe!

Avocado Sandwich Recipe - The avocado can lower bad cholesterol levels as well as stimulate the thyroid, thus assisting with weight loss.

Yummy good and so easy to prepare using minimal ingredients. Excellent naturally-based recipe is for vegans too!

Low Calorie Recipes for Your Diet Plan

Celery Recipes, Including Celery Soup

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Homemade Pita Bread

Cabbage Salad

Angel Biscuits

Pasta Salad

Artisan Peasant Bread

Corn Chip Salad

Indian Bread

Butter Recipe

Low Calorie Muffins

Tomato Soup Recipe Using Fresh Tomatoes

Canned Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Mashed Potato Soup With Crumbled Bacon

Broccoli Cheese Soup Using Velveeta

Broccoli Cheese Soup Using Cream Cheese

Fortune Cookie Recipe

Egg White Recipes

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