Weight Gain After Big Meal

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Causes of Gaining Weight After Eating a Big Meal

1. The increase in pounds could be related to the weight of the food and drink which was consumed at meal time if the weight gain is sudden.

Weigh again the next day, as well as the day after that to see if you have experience a true increase in pounds.

2. If the increase in body weight is 'true pounds' it is likely related to the number of calories contained in the big meal.

Fact is, we can gain weight much quicker than we can lose it as we are able to consume a very large number of calories throughout our day if we are so-inclined.

3. The average American puts on 5-20 pounds of excess body fat amid the holiday season starting with Thanksgiving and ending with the New Year.

This is the space in the year where big eating is most common. We eat, we drink, we live without a care for what the result will be - because as humans we tend to live in the moment.


That's just one reason why so many of us are very poor 'savers'. We get a wad of money - and make merry today rather than tucking some back for our future - just as we eat and drink in the moment.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this - when we consume too many calories, it is difficult dealing with the results of our merriment.

Calories in Food Not Based on Weight of Food

Unfortunately that light and fluffy cream puff contains eons more calories than that heavy cantaloupe.

Ms. Light & Fluffy Cream Puff vs Mr. Large & Heavy Cantaloupe

One cream puff which weighs 130 grams contains about 350 calories. One very large cantaloupe with weighs 814 grams and is 6" round contains 277 calories - less than the cream puff. What a shame, eh?


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