Weight Gain After Addiction

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Gaining Weight After Conquering Addiction

Individuals who are susceptible to addictions tend to go from one to the next, filling in the empty space that was created by the former addiction.

When weight gain suddenly appears on the horizon it can be the result of the following causes after an individual has conquered a previous addiction.


1. When we get that special feeling of accomplishment we tend to celebrate. And the star of most celebrations? Food and drink.

A celebration can last for an extended period of time and when we consume too many calories, the result is always an increase on the bathroom scales.

It is vital that calorie intake be monitored as soon as those first few extra pounds make their way onto the body or the individual risks turning their former addiction into an eating addiction.

Nervousness, Unsatisfied Feelings Satisfied by Foods & Drinks

2. Most addictions involve us holding something in our hands or mouths. While gum or hard candy discs can keep the mouth occupied, the hands are still expecting more from us. After all, we trained them over time quite well.


When excess fat is the result of our nervousness it's due to eating too much. Attempting to slow down when eating can assist. Look for foods which require a long time to eat - even if it's a sucker. Jerky, nuts that are still in their shells - such as pistachios and while edible seeds such as pumpkin or sunflower require a long time to enjoy and will certainly keep both the hands and the mouth satisfied.

Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking

If body weight increases after quitting smoking it's more likely due to the nicotine effect. Nicotine has a way of speeding up the metabolic rate which in turn keeps weight down. Most former smokers gain an average of 5-10 pounds after quitting the habit.

In addition, the taste buds are now awake and alive, not dulled by tobacco. Food suddenly tastes much better. Our mouths feel cleaner - and due to such, we may overeat simply because we enjoy the textures and flavors of foods.

In Conclusion

Kicking an unhealthy habit or addiction is indeed something to celebrate. However, we must take caution not to replace our former habit with a new addition to eating.


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