Weight Gain After Pregnancy

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Causes of Weight Gain After Pregnancy

Oh let us count the causes of weight gain following pregnancy! There are numerous causes. And unfortunately, most women pack on pounds both during and following delivery - and much of the time, that weight may stay with them throughout life.

Too Many Calories During Pregnancy

If you seriously did 'eat for two' while pregnant, the excess body weight is nature's natural gift. It will require some work on your part in order to trim down to your pre-pregnancy size.

Take note however, that attempts at losing the excess weight should not be attempted without the supervision of your doctor.

Keep in mind that the female body requires about six months - that's half a year to return to the state of health it was in before pregnancy.

We do NOT recommend a restricted calorie diet before that time. However, recommended body weight can be naturally achieved by consuming the amount of energy [calories] your body requires to support your healthy weight.


You'll need to meet with your doctor to discuss and to ask how many calories you require per your recommended healthy weight. AND, when you should proceed with this type of reduction plan.

Resting Uses Few Calories

We've tended to many stray animals in our lifetime, finding homes for those which were dumped out and abandoned.

We noticed over the years that the animals that were lazy - yet which ate the same amount of food as animals that were of the same body-frame size yet which were highly active, became fat.

Moving about does indeed burn energy. When pregnant, we often don't feel like moving around a lot. We become lazy - and at times, our body demands that we do such.

Pregnancy is extremely hard on the female body. It's also very stressful - which is yet another trigger for weight gain.

Nonetheless, when the body is at a restful state, very minimal calories are burned. It's very easy to put on unwanted pounds. Therefore, yet another cause of weight gain after pregnancy.

Other Causes of Increase in Body Weight Following Pregnancy

Have you been consuming foods which are rich in salt content? If so, you may be experiencing water retention issues.

Following delivery, it's natural for the body to remain a bit swollen. It takes time for the body to return to its natural state and during this stage, it's quite common to weigh a bit more than you expected if you were very cautious about your caloric consumption during pregnancy.

Hormonal imbalances can also trigger unwanted pounds. You'll need to meet with your doctor to discuss.


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