Weight Gain After Nutrisystem

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Causes of Weight Gain After Nutrisystem Diet

The online reviews of the Nutrisystem Diet are overwhelmingly positive, yet there are individuals who aren't or who weren't pleased with the products, the service or their results.

Again, we see that while one weight loss plan works well for many individuals - it does not work for all. This is the situation with ALL weight loss plans. Therefore another mode of dieting might be better suited to your body.

If you experienced an increase in body weight after quitting the Nutrisystem Diet, it may be due to the following causes.

Too Many Calories After Quitting Nutrisystem

Often, when an individual completes a diet plan the first thing they do after reaching their goal is celebrate. And the celebration almost-always includes food.

But not just any food - generally those found at their favorite fast food or fine dining restaurants.

As humans, we tend to live in the moment - which is just one reason why we can quickly get into deep trouble where our body weight is involved. We may think, "Well, I'll just have one night or one day of eating and drinking anything that I want, and then I'll get back onto the healthy side of eating tomorrow."

But that one night - or one day of overindulgence can create lots of unwanted pounds. One day of overindulgence may heap three or more unwanted pounds on the bathroom scales. And it may not appear until a few days following overeating.

And most of us are quite familiar with what follows overeating - the excess calories become stored in the fat cells.


Your Current Daily Diet May Contain More Energy Values Than the Body Requires

If you lost weight while on Nutrisystem and are currently regaining the weight, review the calories contained in your current daily diet. On the Nutrisystem Diet, the caloric and nutritional values are pre-calculated. And yes - it's a pain, counting calories which makes these modes of dieting so desirable.

Eating Too Many Sodium-Rich Foods

If you're consuming foods that are super-rich in salt, this may account for the increase in body weight.

Allow 2-4 days for the body to rectify water retention issues.

Other Causes of Weight Gain After Nutrisystem Diet Plan

For females, if the increase in weight occurred around your monthly cycle, this could be the culprit.

You may have a hormone imbalance, which is certainly a risk when going on any weight loss plan. Females are at a higher risk for hormonal imbalances than males.

Take a look at your beverage consumption. Are you consuming more alcohol than usual? What about sugary carbonated drinks?

If your diet contained sugar substitutes, the weight gain may be a response to such.


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